Monday, January 14, 2008

Columbus - gratitude to friends

What makes a place feel like "Home"? I would say its people.

For all of 8 months I stayed in US - I was in Columbus Ohio. Having gone all alone for the first time in my life, not having any knowledge about the country and its ways - I was really scared. Would I really be able to manage the tough job on hand as well as set up home?!

I needn't have feared. I had friends who made life in Columbus a memory of a life-time. I was picked up from the airport by not 1 or 2 but 6 people! (Can you imagine after a 22 hour flight, having left all your loved ones back home,how it feels to be welcomes by so many friends?) Took me to Anup/Lakshmi's home-fed me, and in the days that followed helped me set up home- from scratch. And they all came again to pick up hubby from the airport-exactly 1 month later.

And what to speak of the lovely dinners had together, the late night movies and shopping at walmart, playing cards and "raja rani kaLLa police" :-) until wee hours of the morning. And to top it off - Anup telling "ghost stories" at that hour! :-O chatter chatter and chatter - with no care in the world. Of course come weekend-plan to go out somewhere-anywhere. A new place to eat (or old favourites - Donatos Pizza or Mexican Chipotle), some sale to check out or if nothing just meet in someone's home for more gossip... and cook together - reminds me of the ghee rice by Raj, Pav bhaji by Aravind, Saabudaana kichdi by Keerthi,bisibeLebaath by Divya and not but not the least-the daily chai and poha by Lakshmi. What did I do? Just tea somedays in the evenings ;-p - yeah -escaped easy...

Some one's birthday? Anniversary? Oh yeah! We have to have a party-or at least the whole gang gathered @ 12 to make enough noise to wake up the neighbours :-) And of course the tennis matches and swimming lessons by KK and Keerthi. Thanks to them-I can manage to swim the breadth of a pool now *hehehe*

Everyone asks - Do I miss US? Of course-who wouldn't - with all this fun...Would I want to go back to US? Yessss - if its Columbus and with all these friends still

I have to accept I am blessed.


  1. Read everything! You can swim?!


  2. Yeah Rachit - like i said - swim the breadth of a pool without lifting my head up for breath :-)