Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lifestyle - life+style?

Last weekend we met hubby's cousins for a game of bowling. We left home a little early and not knowing what to do decided to take a peek into lifestyle since hubby wanted a jacket. But we ended up looking at a lot of "lifestyle" furniture. We liked quite a lot of them and were thinking of how we could fit in this and that and something else and where we could probably fit it in. But one look at the cost of it all made was want to think: Wouldn't we be getting the same style of furniture for a lot lesser somewhere else? Of course we might not get the "branded" stuff but I am sure the quality would be equally good.

Which set me thinking - what is lifestyle? And here are some of the answers I got on googling for the word :-)

1. A persons pattern of living as expressed by their interests, motivations, activities, desired experiences, and beliefs - Oh yeah! we sure are interested to buy the best, motivated by dreams and desires and belief that this is the kind of furniture we would want for all our social activities (may be inviting people home/relax while watching a TV - that too a big flat screen one!)

2. A lifestyle whose structure prevents growth of the personality.- Oho! does that mean we aren't looking at other things which would probable fit our 'home'(when we have it) and personalities better?

Now this has set me thinking...

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