Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome 2008 - Adieu 2007

Finally! After a lot of thoughts and contemplation I decided to write my own blog. Lets say a pass time for the lazy afternoons when I wont have work at work :-p

And thanks to my friend Sanju who said - "Hey just start writing and you'll get the words".

So what better resolution to take than to give an outlet to whatever little creativity I have? HAPPY NEW YEAR to anyone who's reading it.

As for 2007- Well its been a very eventful year - Starting with going onsite,setting up a temporary home to changing jobs. Its been a year of loads of fun mingled with some tears and hard work too... Hope to have a better 2008.

May everyone's dreams come true!


  1. Yippieee.. ! My sis started a blog!


  2. Atlast!!! Welcome to blogging babes :-)