Friday, February 1, 2008

Mosquitoes Arrrgghhh!

For the past week the weather in Bangalore has changed from cool to hot. Looks like summer's set in well in advance. And with it comes these small irritating little creatures that I absolutely abhor! - yeah a strong word for a small creature - ABHOR!

For the past 2 nights they have not let me sleep. I probably wouldn’t get up from a very good sleep if it just bites and sucks a little of my blood but I definitely cant stand the horrible things when they buzz in ur ears X-( They wake me out of all lovely dreams :-( And the stubborn things don’t even die for all the mosquito repellents - well maybe they will die for a very strong HIT but that makes me feel sick too!

I feel no remorse in killing these little menaces and derive a sadistic pleasure in seeing it dead in my palms. Very demonic isn’t it? Don’t have the guts to kill a cockroach though :-p

But the best part of it is - hubby gets equally irritated with the noise too :-D So he wakes up at all odd hours to kill a single irritating mosquito - and I happily go back to sleep :-D A good reason to be married - isn’t it? *grinn* (That’s given me idea for a new blog now!)

PS: Any novel ideas on how to murder these things?

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  1. Ugggghhh. I soooo hate them! I'm sure no one loves them, but probably no one hates them more than us ;)