Thursday, May 15, 2008

Run run run...

Run run run
Here comes the sun
No time for fun
Get all the work done
No talk, no smile for anyone
All thru the day-just run run run

Something inane that came to mind as soon as I got up today morning just thinking of the long day I had ahead...


  1. OMG !! your brain is capable of so much data processing as soon as you get up ?? Tooo goood !

    All i can think of is "Hope no one is already in the bathroom :0) :0)

  2. Hey!Havent seen you here for long. Well thinking of how much runningaround I had to do that day-run run run was the first thought I got :-)

  3. And I thought you would think of me first thing in the morning. Sigh!!!

    But I must say Sweetheart, it is very creative. Keep it up.