Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Because...

Its been more than 10 days since I did any post though there have been atleast 2 things everyday that I've wanted to write about.It happens only when the internet is down at home!

But my palms were itching to write something so here it is...

Ever faced a situation where your tongue JUST doesnt roll?!!
The past couple of days,suddenly, my tongue seems to have a mind of its own,refusing to twist the way I want it *sigh*

I've been having a problem pronouncing - Procurement (procruement?!!!) and Strategies (startegies?!!!) - and it got really embarassing at a meeting with 3 PMs attending. Came out of the meeting and pronounced the 2 words 3 times each until I was satisfied I will get that right in the next meeting! *whew*

Edited to add: didnt realise that i've crossed the 50 posts mark! Yay! In just 6 months - not bad *patting myself on the back grinnn*


  1. This one brought forth fond memories. Once i,my friend and another friend were in a restaurant and had problems pronoucing the word "Proliferation" ;-) we wud have butchered the word, and the guys sitting at the next table got sooo bugged, he tapped our table and said u'll should bloody give up or try again tomorrow :-)

    Ah ! i just forgot to mention, we were all a couple of beer bottles downed :-)

    Was soooooo funny and am smiling all along as i write this :-)

  2. congratulations on the 50!!! i guess, i havent even reached 25 (and not even counted)...

    also, i have started umpteen blogs and they are just lying as drafts on the pc... they never make it to the www...