Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ranjish hi Sahi...

Came across this song after a long long time and it still has the same strong effect on me. It always leaves me with goose bumps - It has such a feeling of helpless surrender in love, the plea,the desperate need to see,to be with that person...

This song has been sung by Runa Laila and again by Asha bhonsle but I like the Runa Laila version better. Here's where you can listen to this song (I've been listening to it for 4th time in a row now!) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRrz4Y_UxVo

And the lyrics are here: (highlighted the lines I just love

ranjish hii sahii dil hii dukhaane ke liye aa
aa phir se mujhe chhod ke jaane ke liye aa

pahle se maraasim na sahii phir bhii kabhii tau
rasm-o-rahe duniyaa hii niibhaane ke liye aa

kis kis ko bataayeNge judaa’ii kaa sabab ham
tuu mujh se Khafaa hai to zamaane ke liye aa

kuchh to mere pindaar-e-muhabbat ka bharam rakh
tuu bhii to kabhii mujh ko manaane ke liye aa

ek umr se huuN lazzat-e-giriyaa se bhii mahruum
ai raahat-e-jaaN mujh ko rulaane ke liye aa

Meaning of some of the words (though even without them you can just feel the song)
ranjish : animosity
maraasim : relationship
rasm-o-rahe duniyaa : manners, traditions of the world
pindaar-e-muhabbat : love’s pride
umr : ages
lazzat-e-giriyaa : joy of crying
mahruum : devoid
raahat-e-jaaN : comfort of the soul


  1. Awesome.Awesome Song No Doubt. !

  2. Freak!! have never heard this.. but it truly rocks!! Urdu is divine isnt it!!

  3. Eyememyself - Havent been able to check out your blogspot though...