Sunday, August 31, 2008


Monday last we had a project party/team building - whatever and we decided that rather than going to a boring resort where people just split into groups and laze around we decided to try out this new thing - Paintball!

We did the booking in the last minute on Friday and though there were some in the group who were apprehensive we decided to try it out. After loads of dilly/dallying we finally reached the place at 1pm! Since all of us were hungry we had lunch at the Confident Cascade resort close by (which was a part of the package, by the way) and then went to the 'Paintball Arena'.

The general rules were:
Split into 2 groups - I was made one team lead as me and another girl were making the most noise (Ha! Nothing new there, u say?). We were 18 so we split into teams of 9 - 1 red and one blue team.

Each of us are given 10 paintballs each and a helmet which we arent supposed to remove - eyes are the only place that can hurt if the ball hits/bursts. And colored vests to differentiate the teams(of course) and heavy GUNS!!! :-)

Game 1: Kill everyone in the opposition team - meaning if they have color on them - anywhere on their body then they are considered dead! So at the end any team which has even a single person not hit will be the winner.

Game 2: Kill everyone in the opposing team AND get the team flag from their base camp to ours.

Then, the game began - lots of shouting/strategy-ing/screaming/shooting/running around - wow wow! It was simply great! I 'killed' 3 people :-) and by the end had also wasted more than 50% of the paintbullets in wrong aims! I believe game 1 lasted all of 15mins which seemed forever for most of us!

And then Game 2: That too I killed 2 people but couldnt get to the flag myself - though someone else did- and we won that too!!! Both games we won - that too with me being the leader AND the BESTEST part I never got hit!! :-D So, that says something for my game plan - right??? :-) By the end of game 2 - which lasted some 1/2 hour we were all exhausted with the running around with those guns and helmets in the hot sun.

Despite the muscle cramps that lasted for 2-3 days - that was the only topic of conversation for the whole of last week. It gave us a chance at being kids again - playing 'war' with guns and paint pellets! And so many people to play with! ;-)

It was great fun. Much much better than going to any resort. And definitely worth a try.Next time you have a team outing - check this out:


  1. How Exciting ! Seeems like loads of fun !!! Shall defintely try out...

  2. Hey that wud hv bn loads of fun.Plz give the address/contact....