Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yo! My Bro is coming!

And I never thought I would look forward to it so much! I last met him in SFO last september just before we came back-we took the long route JUST so that we could meet him and assure Mom back home that he's safe and settled at his Univ there.

And ever since he left home for hostel life in IIT, we've not had that kind of an interaction which most siblings do-living together. Today I realise that we are such opposites:

-In the looks Dept - Most people cant say we are siblings.We have no resemblance what so ever...
-He's a nerd/geek and whatnot and I am plain dumb.
-His thinking is all in global economics/politics and generally large scale and mine (as is obvious) is more mundane day-to-day stuff.
-He's a total introvert and has very few friends-everyone else is just an 'acquaintance' to him and I make friends out of total strangers in hours.
-He thinks,listens,thinks,listens - I seldom think and always blabber!
- He waits and watches; - Im impulsive and plunge headlong into things - which is also an advantage for him being the younger one I must say-he's learnt from my mistakes! (well! I DO have some uses!)
- He used to crib about my obsession with Hindi music- Today he mails me amazing Hindi/even Kannada! songs...
- Age - Im older; Profound thoughts - He's my Grand Dad!
- Mom and Dad know he blogs - me,Im anonymous :-) (And yeah. Am sure liking it)
- And finally - He's on my blogroll; Im NOT on his (No no! And I dont wanna be!)

And I realise I've missed him - Just so we can crack silly jokes on Mom and get a stomach ache laughing.

Waiting for you Brother!

Edited to add: Guess What! He just called to tell me he got a great great job offer! Wow! Telepathy or what?)


  1. Lol... Very true for me an my elder bro too , noone has ever rightly identified us as siblings :-) no resemblance at all !!!

  2. totally agree...

    When we are kids or teenagers, we take our siblings for granted and fight the hell out with each other...

    Soon, studies, jobs and marriages make us drift away from each other and even before we realize, we start missing each other and start looking forward to meet.

    I miss my sis too... Havent seen for 3 years now... India visit is more than due now.

    and yes -- congratulations to R for the new job offer.