Monday, October 20, 2008

Fairness Fixation

A colleague just had a baby girl.While the discussion was going on about the baby someone said that the baby shouldn't be like the Dad in behaviour (the said Dad is notorious in teasing and pulling people's leg in general) and then someone commented that hope the baby is fair like the mother not dark like the father.

My mom's not fair. I've heard that when my parents got married there were comments about the girl not being fair and that you cant choose the colour of your son or your siblings -but you can choose the colour of the girl whom your son marries! And what if the baby born to them tomorrow gets the colour of the dark mother?

This was 30 years back-when the colour concept was restricted only to the female gender. And now its extended to men too!Haha! (being a feminist here)! Its not so male chauvinistic anymore! Why should only the boy expect the girl to be fair? In this generation of gender equality - a girl can expect her man to be fair too - right?! I was watching some Ad on TV which showed bleaching for men! Arent men supposed to be Tall/Dark and Handsome? Where did that description vanish? What happened to all the M&B heroes who are well tanned and muscled?

Isnt it so shallow, this very concept of judging a person by the colour at all in the first place? For women there are very obvious advertisements of the girl able to get a suitable spouse only after applying a fairness cream and achieving her dreams of being a model blah blah. What about all those sultry heroines who've made it big both in hollywood and bollywood? (For example) Were they told that they can never make it because of their colour? Were they told that they will be looked down upon just because they arent fair and beautiful? And remember that Ad sometime back about that guy who sneaks into the girls hostel for fairness cream?

Where is all this heading? When will this obsession end?Or will it ever???


  1. Just happened to recollect an interview of Nandita Das on a similar topic. She was mentioning that in rural areas, people have no money to buy toothpaste or soap but they save the money to buy fair & lovely. Thats our media's contribution to already existing 'fair' issue!

  2. I remember a friend whose mother made her apply "Fair and Lovely" from the age of 3 so that she turns "Fair and Lovely" when she turns 18 (read -- of marriageable age). I think she should have given it to my friend's brother also.

    And thanks for not discussing with Sneha before she met me. Else i would have had to save money for "Fair and Lovely".

  3. I think its not only the media who is to be blamed. WHat about the common sense of people? Every mother looks out for a 'fair' girl for her son. Every parents wants a 'fair' baby, no matter how dark they themselves are..

    Nice thoughts in ur blog..

  4. Its never gonna go. You know what they say about "the other side always being greener". The western ppl want to tan and become darker and the eastern want to make themselves fairer. But if u r looking for an end to this... Forget it dear! :-)

  5. Rash, think about fashion shows. Do you *really* believe they are about clothes?


  6. Yeah RS, true. there is no one who is more obsessed with colour than an Indian. I have also had my share of comments coz I am not fair. Well written!