Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its Puzzle Time!

Hubby's cousin has given us 2 jigsaw puzzles-one a 2D and one a 3D! which has been lying around for more than an year now. There was a talk in the office about how the couples spend time playing Monopoly and Cards and Carrom and I (as usual?) came home and cribbed to him that we dont do any such "together" things...

So, now out came the 2D jigsaw yesterday - A black and white picture of Mount Rushmore during construction!Its a 500+ piece puzzle,after completing must look something like this:

and Whew! It IS a tough one - to just get the corners right we spent an hour,staying up until 11 pm.

And the irony is: MIL in her cleaning spree today-put all the pieces back in its cover-including those that we had already fitted! :-( And now to begin again...

That reminds me of what I had written here about being lethargic - I've completed 2 of my glass paintings but have been putting away getting them framed. And after a lot of pestering I finally got a Quick Stitch kit too-a complicated Flamingo design. Now those birds are colourless-thanks to my laziness... Need to get back to it soon.

And oh! We did have a lot of fun yesterday getting the corners of the puzzle right-so need to push him into beginning from scratch again! *sigh*


  1. Is your 3D puzzle also jig-saw? I used to solve 3D Stereograms earlier.. Take a look at the link below.. Let me know whether u can see the right image..

  2. Hey, found one more puzzle - Try it sometime if you havent before..

  3. Kaavya! Finally! :-) I'll surely check these sites out but its not so much fun as doing a 'live' jigsaw than online. And I wouldnt be able to do it with hubby-thats the whole point of this excerice for me!!Still-Something's better than nothing. Will surely check it out!