Sunday, November 30, 2008


Its finally over! After 60+ hours of seige and hostage situations and terror, bombay has been finally declared clear of the terrorist attack. But as mentioned in Headlines Today - Mumbai Safe- FOR NOW! Enough has been written and said about the politicians taking advantage of the situation/pathetic state of the border security or the complete unpreparedness to face a hostage situation.

And nobody is sure that all the terrorists are dead -no one even knows how many are still setting up their bases in various locations - not just Mumbai-anywhere else in the country. Are we going to be 'prepared' for something like this when it happens again? Note that I am saying - 'when' not 'if'- sad but true. Who's to be blamed? and what will that resolve?

All those people who died-burnt and charred to death,shot,blown up by grenades-just because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? its so depressing and yeah-terrorising-Is that what they wanted to achieve? And what are we going to do about it? Innumerable blasts have been taking place all over the country - insistently - and everytime it all just dies down after a few weeks at the most. Is this time going to be any different?

Im upset (glued to the TV for the past 2 days) and have been waking up with nightmares - what about all those people who are living through it? Who thankfully escaped the terror. And what/where next?

Coincidentally I watched 'The Mighty Heart' - movie about Daniel Pearl, yesterday and the whole thing only hit harder and my thoughts were-thank God, all my near and dear ones are safe - selfish I admit, but isnt it true for everyone? Left with anxiety and more questions - What will end all this?

Distrubing thoughts,randomly wish to go back and edit...


  1. How I wish u never had to write the blog in the first place!!!

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