Saturday, November 15, 2008

What they DONT teach at Harvard...

Being professionals and highly qualified there is a minimum level of good behaviour expected from us. But what to do when:

- People refuse to give seat to a pregnant woman/an injured person/an aged person?
- After a smoke, they bite the common glass they drink water in? *gross* and the glass smells of cigarette smoke.
- After eating at the cafeteria,they just walk out without even pushing their chairs back in place-infact its a nuisance when the aisles are small- cant they realise that the next person wont be able to move?!!
- Leave plastic wrappers and covers and empty drinks carton in the bus. Would they do the same thing to their own swanky cars??
- Play loud music on the Ipods/mp3 players in confined spaces-lifts,bus,even office space-are they deaf? Or are they showing off?
- Finally-Mr/Ms Loud Speaker - nobody in the bus would be interested/ would be able to help you with your family problems,monetary problems or for that matter the profile of the guy your friend is getting married to! Do you even realise that people are getting disturbed by your loud conversation? Or worse-they are listening to your every word and smirking!

If this sounds like a rant - IT IS! And seriously - HOW DO you make these people realise atleast even one of these?

Well,after all these negatives let me say there are people who open the doors for ladies and wait for the lady to enter the lift first,and more seriously help people in trouble - and it feels good when it happens to you...


  1. You could not have written it at a better time.

    My reportee opened a door for me and I walked out and he turns back and says... see how respectful I am ... I actually open doors for u."
    While I dont expect it of anyone... it still surprised me to hear that. When I said it should have been just part of common courtesy... I got a blank look for my efforts :-)

    As for ur first point ... I generally ask them to get up and let the others have a seat.
    But what gets my goat is when I get up to let an elderly person sit and some other idiot barges and sits there before the elderly person...aargh!

  2. Guilty on one count :o). I play loud music on my ipod, but of course not at my desk. but i guess in my cab, or in the lift when i reach office. Well the intention here is neither to show off nor to disturb, I guess it was ignorance. I did not know it would amount to rudeness. Will keep a tab on this now :o)


  3. I totally agree with you on all charges against the offenders ..
    But most people do not do it intentionally, It is because they are ignorant that their actions are causing distress in others.
    So it does make sense to tell the smoker to not to sip thorough the glass next time and the 'miss microphone' to reduce the voulume. But It may not work well in the public transport to ask someone to keep their phone conversation to themselves..may result in embarassment for us on the other hand

  4. Santosh, I play music on my IPod too-but make sure only I can heat it :-) What irks me is after a 12hr workday at 9.30pm,when i'm are at my irritating worst-the guy sitting across the aisle plays loud rock music! As it is there is head banging happening inside the head-and this on top!!