Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On a more serious note I have officially begun my maternity leave of 12 weeks and am waiting for the baby now. I'd rather have the baby sooner so that I get to spend more time with the baby than just me alone! Im bored sitting at home with nothing much to do...
An empty mind is a devil's workshop - i've only been thinking of what and how everthing's gonna be. What would my first reaction be on seeing the baby? What would hubby's be? Am I gonna cry? Am I gonna be thrilled? Coz right now all that I feel is a fascination - Even as Im writing this the baby is moving inside and I marvel at nature and the science of all this... How in 9 months there's a living being inside me!
And sometimes I wonder, when mom and MIL are making plans for the baby clothes/debating between nappies and diapers - I just sit and think - what HAVE i got myself into?!!! Can clumsy me handle such a delicate thing? Take care of it? I dont even know what's right and what's not! And what kind of a parent am I gonna be?-Scary... A parent for the rest of my life - My whole identity getting re-defined... I dont think anything else - any other relationship demands so many changes in life and thought processes.
God! I now only pray for loads and loads of luck and ofcourse maturity (I think its definitely required! What say?) to help me don the crown of 'Mother'!

The 9 months project

Is almost over and in its final stages of last minute tweaking and testing. Probably getting ready to "Go-Live"??
9 long months of making sure things are going right, loosing sleep and appetite and now when its finally getting closer to implementation - Im all apprehensive about the implementation date and hoping for a successful no hitches, smooth product delivery - maintaining 100% quality too!
And though I have my team ready - Yes! I finally get to be the PM :-), Im already thinking of the life long Post-Implementation support!

Counting days now and keeping fingers crossed...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Is It? - Rant...

That makes anyone/everyone give advice - (unsolicited ofcourse),stop midway and ask how many months and how many more to go when they see someone carrying? And what do they expect me to say when they ask 'how are you?' - Should I be giving them my complete medical history?!!

For nearly 7 months i wasnt showing much and kept wondering 'How come people dont notice and what will happen when they do' but now that they notice its getting more tougher to keep patient and calm when everyone has some advice to give and something to say.

I know, I know that it must be concern and they are trying to say 'We understand' but still... It does get too stuffy at times.

And Oh!Embarassing too when you're walking to lunch with 3-4 bachelors and some lady just stops and talks/advices you!! Sheeesh! :-O

What we lack...

While Brazil can host the 2016 olympics why is it that India being in a much better position financially (according to Wiki – India stands 4th in GDP where as Brazil is 9th) cant host the same? Or why even hosting an Asiad is such a struggle for us? Im sure we have the infrastructure/finance/resources/people everything required to make any event a success but we lack in something more basic – co-ordination and co-operation and one thing that pulls us down and out everytime is the dirty word and world of ‘politics’.

Everyone in the politicking game wants to make money but at the same time it would be great to make that small effort and push the country forward… India is not just about the Software Enggs. Neither is it just a country of snake charmers and elephants and cows on the street…So why is it that the ‘outside’ world just perceives us like that? We do have people who are slowly getting there – proving that sports is also something that we can excel at… But unfortunately the most common complaint is that no game/sport is encouraged (barring cricket-Ofcourse!).

Everytime its politics that come into picture - while it comes to the government sponsoring any sport or there is such a lack of co-ordination amongst the various departments, mistrust,lack of interest (Arey! Ye Kya badi baath hai! attitude) that hosting a large congregation involving many countries just becomes impossible. When are we going to get beyond looking just under our noses and be capable enough to prove we are no less than any other country in ANYTHING?

Job Satisfaction/Gratification

A couple days back hubby and I were discussing a statement that a business person made: that the labourers don’t take pride in the work they do which is why most of the work is shoddy.

I don’t fully agree with this though. Its not everyday everyone gets a chance to do the job they love which can give them a job satisfaction. For someone like me who is a part of a large organisation having thousands of people there isnt much that I do thats different and to be ‘proud’ of. I mean –Neither am I a decision maker, nor do my thoughts or actions make much of a difference to those who actually take the decision. Im just one is the crowd. Well now, I would feel proud if I were in an position to make decisions that matter not just to me but to a larger group. AND being appreciated for it. (A small digression here: I think I should attribute the craving for leadership for being a 1st born person! - Number 1 people are ambitious- They desire to become the heads of whatever their businesses are, and as departmental chiefs they keep their authority and make themselves respected and" looked up to" by their subordinates.) And so I cant say that Im extremely happy with my job. Which I guess is for most people!

BUT I don’t think that lets me affect my everyday work. It doesn’t mean that Im a pessimist/sadist or laid-back at work. I do give my job 100% while Im at work but the job definitely doesn’t run my life for me. I cannot do a 24/7. Does that mean that I do shoddy work? I don’t do quality work? I disagree. Personally I love to overcome a challenge.

Personal Digression again: The US stinct was extremely tough/extremely exhausting but at the end of it I came back satisfied that I had given it my best shot and succeeded in overcoming what was the toughest challenge for me. Ofcourse added to the fact that my efforts were recognised.

Even today when I don’t accomplish my own mental list at work , while Im stuck with something that I cant finish immediately, or for some reason I’ve left work incomplete – It nags me, eats my sleep and Im not happy until I get the job done and completed.

So what is it that gives a person ‘Job Satisfaction’ ? To each his own I think. I get it when I complete something I want to. And most of all when my work gets acknowledged – note that Im saying acknowledged and NOT appreciated or awarded… Appreciation and awards don’t come often or from everyone, and it cannot be expected all the time but acknowledgement can be…

Saying 'thanks' to a person who helped you with work, acknowledge that a work has been accomplished on time and as expected – It doesn’t need an award… That’s enough to push a person that wee bit more and give his/her best shot at any job…Small things that make a big difference…

What’s your opinion?

PS: FIL always makes a statement: There’s nothing called ‘Job Satisfaction’ only ‘Jeb Satisfaction’!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

OMG! I cant see my feet!

Finally! Its a milestone I thought I will never get to. Friends and family have been telling me of this day since I reached 4th month, but i somehow stuck it out until the end of 8th month!

So I think this deserves a mention here. Suddenly today I realised I cant see my feet while standing in attention - only the fat mound of my tummy is visible! I need to put my feet in the front - a teeny weeny step - and then I can see my toes!

Gawd! Now I think I need to be careful about climbing stairs and waddling around too... I think thats the next milestone I've been told about...

So,lets see when THAT happens... Couple more months to go yet...

What would I be?

If I werent a Software/Engg? Doctor? - That was my dream job... Well for various reasons that didnt work out (Maybe it deserves a post all of its own). But then there didnt seem to be much choice - Computers are 'in' and thats what I have to do -it was decided. And thats why I am where I am today.

But to think about all options there were out there - Yesterday night hubby and I were talking about the Event Manager at his company. That guy did his MBA and then got into event management and now travels all around the world organising events - both at the company level and at the client/corporate level. I was totally impressed. Everyday is exciting,everyday is new, everyday is fun - which is so different from what most of us do.

At work, a friend is a great foodie. He's bought chocolate slabs and he plans to make homemade chocolates - someone he knows makes a living out of it - which isnt expensive but a steady/good income... We were seriously thinking of investing in this and trying if it will work here!

I've seen people making something as simple as tassles and selling them on websites.

I met an uncle today who said his DIL is a professional classical dancer...

I mean - Wow! There are so many options and careers out there that will give you pleasure and satisfaction along with the much required money for sustainance (maybe more!) and I didnt even know of them 10yrs ago! Wish I did - Maybe I would've been more successful/more satisfied not to say richer if I had opted for something else! (I LOVE artwork - maybe a good career option that?)

What do you think?...

PS: And to think that my Dad was upset and ready to disown me if I became a 'data entry operator' after my computer course! Bah!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"I Just Called To Say I Love You"

Here’s a favourite song of mine and while listening to it yesterday realised that it covers all the months of any year in some way or the other!
(Im sure that it would’ve been noticed/blogged about before)
It made me understand the meaning/feeling of the song better. You really don’t need a reason/season to celebrate and express love:

"I Just Called To Say I Love You"
No New Year's Day to celebrate - January
No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away - February
No first of spring - March
No song to sing
In fact here's just another ordinary day

No April rain
No flowers bloom – May
No wedding Saturday within the month of June
But what it is, is something true
Made up of these three words that I must say to you

I just called to say I love you
I just called to say how much I care
I just called to say I love you
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart

No summer's high
No warm July
No harvest moon to light one tender August night
No autumn breeze - September
No falling leaves -
Not even time for birds to fly to southern skies

No Libra sun – October (sunsign?)
No Halloween - November
No giving thanks to all the Christmas joy you bring - December
But what it is, though old so new
To fill your heart like no three words could ever do

I just called to say I love you
I just called to say how much I care, I do
I just called to say I love you
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart

I just called to say I love you
I just called to say how much I care, I do
I just called to say I love you
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart, of my heart,
of my heart

I just called to say I love you
I just called to say how much I care, I do
I just called to say I love you
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart, of my heart,
baby of my heart

Listen here:

A Woman’s Vanity

When you’re feeing fat and figureless – getting to work everyday is an exercise of its own, let along thinking about ‘dressing-up’ (‘presentable’ is enough) and then suddenly you have a spurt of energy one day and dress up to work for an ethnic day celebration in a simple saree and not much ado, boys who look at ‘girls’ (knowing you’re no longer one of them) come up to you and complement you saying you look good – It brings a smile and makes your day giving you confidence that you aren’t such a bad/ugly/ungainly sight either!

Ah! Vanity! – Thy name is Woman…

Oh! Here's Wishing Everyone a Very Happy DeepawaLi! May this festival of lights bring lots of joy and happiness, health and wealth to everyone...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Attracting Attention

I have already written about these TV shows and how people go to any extents for a few minutes of fame. Along those lines, I caught this other 'talent show' while channel-surfing. Saw old ladies - 50+ atleast trying to impress the audience and the judges with filmy song and dance routines. Old ladies who were out of shape- in really ill-fitting clothes trying to gyrate to the current top dance numbers of bollywood. These ladies introduced themselves as Doctors and school principals who are appreciated in their field of work.These ladies were boo-ed by the audience and asked to leave the stage within a minute of their performance. It definitely made me wince. How could they even think of coming on an all Indian talent show? How did they audition and get through? Or were they selected just to add that 'stupidity' factor in the show? I'll come to the other-side of the coin later - but I DO think it was sheer stupidity to go out there on a platform where millions of Indians are going to watch you and you are all willing to make a fool of yourself. I have no issues with the gender/age if the person is really talented,but these were not. What gives a person such ideas i wonder...

Now for the other-side of the coin. I enjoy some of the performances of the 'Boogey-Woogie' Mommy special. I understand that there are really talented women out there who have learned dancing through their childhood and teenage years and left it all to make a home and raise a family after marriage. I appreciate those husbands who encourage their wife to persue a hobby that the wife had given-up on. And stand by them when they go on stage to make that one dream come true. For the wife too its an achievement - just because she went out there and performed in front of the audience as dreamed despite winning or not winning the competition...

I was also thinking that on a personal note I would'nt do anything like this all my life - maybe thats why Im no-one special - just a girl-next-door. But im happy being just that! Also, watching the 'fear factor' makes me realise that I wouldnt do any of those stunts even if you give me a million bucks and keep a gun to my head! :-O God! some are downright scary and some are gory.AND I realise I have a fear of almost everything!So thats 1 program where im appreciating the guts of those ladies who are atleast attempting to overcome their fears and do those stunts. Hats-Off to them...


We dont need a 'Mother's Day' to appreciate Mothers...

If there is something one cannot do without,it is Mother.Father loves her,daughter imitates her,son ignores her,salesmen thrive on her,motorists hurry around her,teacher phones her,and the woman next door confides in her.
She can be sweeter than sugar,more sour than a lemon,all smiles,and crying her heart out all within any given two minute period.
She likes sewing,detective stories,having her birthday remembered,church,a new dress,the cleaning woman.Father's praise,a little lipstick,flowers and plants,dinner out on sunday,policeman,one whole day in bed,crossword puzzles,sunny days tea, and the newspaper boy.
She dislikes doing the dishes,Father's boss,having her birthday forgotten,the motorist behind her,spring cleaning,junior's report card,rainy days,the neighbour's dog,stairs and the man who was supposed to cut the grass.
She can be found standing by,bending over,reaching for,kneeling under, and stretching around,but rarely sittin on.
She has the beauty of a spring day,the patience of a saint,the appetite of a small bird,and the memory of a large elephant.
She knows the lowest prices,everybody's birthday,what you should be doing,and all your secret thoughts.
She is always straightening up after,reminding you to,and taking care of,but never asking for.
Yes,a Mother is one thing that nobody can do without.And when you have harassed her,buffeted her about,tried her patience,and worn her out,and it seems that the end of the world is about to descend upon you,then you can her win her back with four little words."Mom,I love you".

~ William A Greenebaum 11

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An End to a Decade

Here I am with a few hours left to end the 20s and finally step into the 30's! And its a mixed feeling...

The past year has been a mixture of extremes - Happiness - what with some dreams falling in place, Sadness - With some dreams that got shattered and never took off...Feeling of loss and a lot in-between.

And the past decade has just flown by with life taking on a lot more meaning and a lot of growing up that has happened...Or should I just say LIFE began to happen...

Now at the threshold of 30 there is a lot to look forward to in terms on joy and happiness, stress and tension, health and weatlh (?!)...

I only hope that the '30s' will be much more fruitful than the 20s!

So Ciao 20s! and Yippee - Im ready to face you - Welcome - 30s!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life inside a car

As seen travelling to and from work:

1. A couple in the car arguing about something.
2. Another couple - both holding hands over the gear :-)
3. A single man in the car - tapping his fingers to the music or talking over the handsfree.
4. A big shot in a swanky car with driver - on the laptop or talking on blackberry
5. A call center cab taking people back home- all dozing in the car
6. A call center cab with only driver - talking over the mobile and driving rash
7. A parent with a bored kid strapped in the front seat.
8. A busy body eating an apple/sandwich at the signal-probably having skipped a meal?
9. A confident lady driving a cool red Skoda Octavia (imagine me drooling over the car)
10. Finally, me me - sitting in a bus and observing all these and letting my imagination run wild - while my subjects are unaware ;-p

Observe anything else? Feel free to add in comments...

Cartoon Imagery of the wud-b baby

Now that its public knowledge that Im expecting, there are some funny conversations that happen both at home and at workplace regarding the baby. Ofcourse Im mercilessly teased by my friends because I have a short temper/Im lazy and what not but here are a few incidents worth making a note of!

I had a bad cold a week ago and was consistently sneezing. Now imagine the baby also caught cold-then when it sneezes the imagination is that with all the air that comes out in a confined space my tummy bloats up at that instant and then goes back to normal! Like a balloon burst!

During the recent festivities I made a mistake of bending down to bow to the God after which I could strongly feel the baby moving around. (I wanted to write of this milestone over the past couple weeks - so its kinda recorded here!) So hubby's imagination: The baby standing like a chota hanuman-with legs apart and hands on the waist and a huffy face saying: "Mamma! How dare you bend so much and cramp my (already less) space" Dishshum! Disshum! hitting my tummy...

Whatever! *rolling my eyes!* 8-|

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Black or White

This post has been on my mind for quite sometime now. Ever since we've announced that we are having a baby we've been getting a lot of advice from really well-meaning people around us. Ofcourse the general ones being take good care of yourself/dont eat junk food/dont roam around too much etc etc; Along with all these are some advices to 'make the baby fair'.

I've written about this before - the obsession for 'fairness' here and it irks me no end that people want a 'fair' baby - not just a healthy one! And this is one 'advice' I completely REFUSE to follow. Tell me that something is healthy for the baby and I will galdly do it/eat it but tell me its to have a fair baby - I WONT do it.

For me its a question of basic principle- How am I going to teach my child not to differentiate people by colour if I myself do it? how am I going to tell my child that color is not important to make friends and know people.How will my child trust me and believe me if at some point in time it gets to know that I wanted a 'fair' baby? Isnt that hypocritical?


We've been reading so much about the dossiers being presented to Pakistan on the November attacks everyday; and I read in The Week or in TOI (Not sure) that some pages in the dossier were in Marathi which the Pakistan officials could not understand! And it stuck me odd because:

For a single line of program code change - we have documents that are written and reviewed multiple times before submitting to the client. Even a simple spelling mistake - if identified by the client comes back as a 'Defect' and we are all taken to task - for not writing it properly and then for not reviewing it properly!

Where as this being a question of national security is handled like this!Duh??

Friday, July 24, 2009

What I should be doing...

What I should be doing-And what I've been doing...

Eat sprouts and fruits - Eating potato chips and cadbury's

Eat healthy meals for lunch and dinner - Eating out at work and maggie and soup for dinner

Listen to good soothing music - Listening to Peter Andre sing mysterious girl and Billy joel - we didnt start the fire and Shania Twain croon you're the one for me...

Read good books which makes you relax and happy - Got hold of Jodi Picoult's 'The perfect Match' about child molestation and abuse.Well I did stop it (reluctantly) after 20 pages - got too heavy to continue.

Walk,Walk,Walk - Eat at 9pm and in bed by 10pm

Dont stress and keep calm - Take on more work and come home by 9.30pm

And pray God that everything continues to go smooth.*Touch Wood*
I know I've been bad - I just wrote about how 'responsible' I need to get! Well, but I've been consciously trying to change everyone of them. I just had an apple along with chips/Listening to 'Garbh Sanskar' that MIL bought just for me!/am walking as much as I can at work/trying to take it easy at work as well... And decided to buy only family drama and romance from Blossoms at my next visit :-) - Now! Thats something to look forward too - no one can call me shallow for reading M&B or Nora Roberts now! heheh!

Settling Down

Now that I've put up the reason for my absence over the past 2 months, let me also say that every one's been saying that we're doing the right thing - a place to call home and a family to make it a home.Oh!of course to add to it - That its 'high time'. Bah!What ever that means...

But the only thought at this juncture is - how are we going to make it? Having never stayed out of home all our lives, always having had parents to fall back on - no matter what the situation, having to not only spread our wings and fly but also feed another mouth - nothing seems easy and im rather petrified.

2 people who've been so carefree so far have to now become responsible. But as we look at ourselves today and think about how we were an year back I do feel that we've kind of become "boring grown-ups" in a matter of months. Why, the last weekend we went to watch Harry Potter in a multiplex and then thought about shopping -we wanted to 'indulge' - and so we started with high hopes...

We ended up at Garuda mall/Lifestyle and at the oasis mall - and what did we buy? - NOTHING!! Just a little bit of window shopping and that too for the house and not the usual clothes and shoes we usually buy.And we didn't even eat out! We were so surprised at ourselves! What?:-O We roamed 3 malls and didn't buy a thing? Now would you call that boring and grown-up or give it a little more sophistication and call it - responsible and settled down?

Been Busy,Been Occupied...

And Been missing here... And Im so glad that people have noticed that! And thrilled that even my really mundane thoughts are not just read but looked forward to...

On a more serious note - Santosh - Thanks a lot for asking and all's very fine and hoping to get only better.

With a 'Bun in the oven' and a house under construction -both touted as "2 most important" things in life,I've been forced to finally grow up and take responsibilities!!Hence the absence.

Well, also the fact that the thoughts are predominantly about these 2 I wasnt sure if anyone would be interested in reading them...

OK, now that the explanation for my absence is over - Im going to start putting my random thoughts back again here - irrespective of what they might be! Well its my blog at the end of the day and also a way of chronicling my thoughts at this time in life...

Now that the flood gates have opened - a barrage of thoughts are ready to assault the mind - "Post me first! Post me first!" they say...So, read on ye'all - who would want to know my confused state of mind...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The 30s Syndrome

Last month while i was at a meeting in office I got a call from an unknown number, consistently 3 times. When I finally and irritably called back I was surprised to know it was an old school friend - how old you ask? - She's known me from 4th standard! She got married at the age of 18 as soon as we completed +2 and we had lost touch after that. She had taken the pains to call home, explain who she was to Dad so he could give her my number and had called me!
Similarly a couple more school friends got in touch and over the last 2 weeks there have been a lot of 'getting in touch' happening. After plenty of phone calls we all decided to meet for lunch on Saturday last.

5 girls at Kobe sizzlers at Garuda mall - Wow! What a get together it was. I guess we were the ones making the maximum noise at that place. We met at 12 and had a nice long 'lunch' session until 3,had ice cream at Baskin Robbins took pictures and then sat at the cafe' coffee day outside to finish talking until 5pm.3 of us who were in touch were surprised that the other 2 wanted tp get in touch now - why the sudden urge we asked. They both said -"Its the 30s syndrome".

We've all been so busy with our own lives that we've lost touch with what's happening with people we once thought were the best of friends. With whom we shared everyday laughter.Who knew who had crush on us and who we were infatuated with. Who ate our food out of our lunch boxes...

We reminisced on all the silly incidents,fights we had, the others we are yet to meet and also caught up with what's been happening in our lives for all these years. There was never a moment of awkwardness,not a single moment of silence... By the end of the day we were back to being close again...

We plan to meet again - at least in the next couple of months.Who knows? It might become a "Quarterly" affair? I Wish!!!

I guess I'm now ready to turn 30 - if its going to bring me back all my old friends,get me new friends and let me make more such happy memories...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Trip to a Farm

A city born bred girl that I am - I jump at any opportunity to experience a different life. A life at a farm for a day.

Hubby's uncle owns a farm around 2.5hrs away from the city and we all decided to spend the festival of new year there. With full excitement the whole family left in 3 cars (That itself is a scene to watch for me) and reached there right on time for breakfast.

We were welcomed with water melon juice and after a yummy breakfast we all left to the 'Thota' or the farm. A 6 acre farm,it has a lot of mango trees, chikkoo trees, gooseberry,jack fruit and a lot of coconut trees.

The trees were full of fruits - the mango tree had almost bent with the weight of the fruits. We climbed trees to pull out the fruits, plucked flowers,drank litres of tender coconut and finally irrespective of the age - uncles and aunts included hogged on gooseberries.Along with all the fun we also got a lot of gyan on how 'drip irrigation' is done, learnt to differentiate between rosewood/teak wood and sandalwood. Learnt the govt rules that we can only grow these trees in our farm but that they belong to the Govt. Saw different types of birds and insects too!Finally we were shown how they use the machine to milk the cows and we saw a small calf (I guess around 2 weeks old) too.

After spending 2.5hrs at the farm we walked back to the house for yummy hot food had in the company of cousins on a banana leaf. We then relaxed and played cricket in that hot sun for an hour - yup - me included! We then had tea/coffee and with a heavy heart decided that we better start if we had to reach home by 9pm.

It was a day that is going to remain in my mind for a long time to come. The time spent with the family and an education in the farming. For someone like me who cannot differentiate the jack fruit tree from a goose berry tree - it truly was an experience! I'm just waiting to go back at the next opportunity...

Monday, April 20, 2009

I've not Vanished!

Hey! Im back - Just to say - stay put!

Random,broken thoughts in an empty head,made note of on the mobile under templates!But unable to complete them...

Will be back soon - after a short break...

Jald Hi Break Ke Us paar milenge :-)

PS:I havent vanished - Thanks for remembering me Santosh! And Sneha for reminding me that I have a blog!

OH! Just so you dont get bored with this post- Here's a quiz for all of you...

Your Power Color Is Red-Orange

At Your Highest:

You are warm, sensitive, and focused on your personal growth.

At Your Lowest:

You become defensive and critical if you feel attacked.

In Love:

You are loyal - but you demand the respect you deserve.

How You're Attractive:

You are very affectionate and inspire trust.

Your Eternal Question:

"Am I Respected?"

Well! This is me - What about you? Its not a tag - Take it up -Ye'All

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More fun with less pennies

The past month saw us eating out a lot many times. Hubby's cousin and her hubby MR and Mrs IT were here for a visit after 3 years and we were all eager to meet,greet and eat with them. We wanted to show-off our city and how its grown over the last few years and we took them to a posh restaurant with live music and barbecue and spent a considerable amount of money...

Later over the week we (Just hubby and I) met them for dinner and they chose a very casual place to just sip tea, have chaats and talk - like old times when we double dated. And it really was more fulfilling-we did get to talk a lot more than we did that other evening.

And also, we spent a lot less. And thinking about all the times I've had a lot of fun, here's what I came up with:

As kids when all cousins met at one house where mom/aunt cooked the lunch for us (Only drawback was for the said mom/aunt who had to cook for us)
Even today when the family meets at someone's house and orders a simple meal from outside - rather than going out to a resort.
The street food at the food street (Vishweshwarapuram) at 9pm with cousins - we wouldnt have spent more than 100Rs per person and we would've eaten (Ofcourse some on share basis):Masala dosa,Carrot Halwa,Badam milk,Pooran PoLi,Idli,AkkiRotti,Fruit chaat,Masala Pepsi,Gulkand fruit salad with ice cream - quite an impressive list isnt it?
Some evenings at Gandhi Bazaar Bugle Rock where hubby and I eat Bhel puri (Churmuri) for 15rs, a tomato chat for 10rs and a flavoured milk for 12rs - and dinner is done.
All the Double dating we did with the said hubby's cousin and with another couple before marriage...

No doubt we still do spend 100's of Rs. at Corner house and Dominoes - but the fun in eating that churmuri at a street stall is somehow special...

Any such memories where you've spent less and had more fun?

The Indian Spring

Its such a pleasure...

To see the trees in full bloom with Red/Yellow/Lavender flowers with hardly any green/brown leaves. An occasional flower swaying in the gentle evening breeze as it leisurely falls to the ground. The generally muddy ground becomes a flower strewn path.

The smell of warm earth as the first drops of water falls on it (I can even smell it inside the AC room in the office!)...

The colourful butterfly flying around unable to choose the flower to sit on. Bee Hives popping up at every alternate tree...

Watching the orange/red sky as the sun goes down past 7pm...

Children playing on the streets after a stressful exam season...

Ah!It brings a smile even at the end of a tiring day...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Conversation Between Love and Anger

Love and Anger were having an arguement in my head:

Anger: Im so totally pissed off. He doesnt understand.You better stay in hiding until then.
Love: What is it do you want him to understand? Why should I hide?
Anger: He doesnt understand what I want.And if you show yourself to him he wont take me seriously.
Love: Have you told him what you want?
Anger: Why should I tell him everything? He knows me for so long now - he should know.
Love: He might know what's on your mind.But did you tell him when and how you've planned?
Anger:When he knows what I want, then why cant he ask himself? - Why should I explicitly tell him all the time?
Love: You always tell him to express his thoughts - you cant read his mind - The same applies to him. How long are you going to stay angry?
Anger: I want to stay angry until he does what I want - without me having to be specific.
Love: Can you really do that? See how agitated he is - unable to read your mind - you tell him.
Anger: Let him be agitated. Let him think
Love: But this'll end sooner if you tell him - You know he will do it for you.
Anger: I know he will do if I tell him but I want him to read my mind...
Love: So go tell him. You wont even let me talk about anything else with him.
Anger: I think I'll go tell him. I cant stay angry with him for too long... You always overpower me. I dont like that.
Love: Im only reasoning with you - even you know how good he is to you.
Anger: Yeah yeah I'll go tell him and get him to agree what I want. Until then you dont let yourself show.
Love: I cant hide for much longer.Better make it fast.
Anger: OK OK, Im going...told...He agreed...Im gone...He's all your's now...
Love:Ah! Finally, I can be myself now...

The Mosquito Byte...

Warning: Silly snippet that I composed at 4.30am on a mosquito filled morning. Killed around 10 mosquitoes that night and there were still some flying around - thats when these words just crossed my mind...

SoLLe, plz dont bite
U've already had your feast tonight...
Its Early in the morning
And my eyes are burning!
Oh! Dont make me weep,
let me go back to sleep
Go Away pleaaassseee
Let me sleep in peace...

Match making

Once upon a time I used to hate it when someone tried to match make for me. Ofcourse - that's because I had already found my perfect match.Dad was very much into these kind of things suggesting a prospective groom for a friend's daughter and Vice Versa. And I always told him that its not right to 'poke your nose' into their personal lives. If the girl/boy hasn't found their right person yet - then its the parents' headache and that it shouldn't bother him.

Now that the background has been set,I'll come fast forward to the present. I have a friend who is a couple of years younger than me and I really like him as a person.I know he's a nice boy who respects his parents/has no bad habits and is well settled. Well - he has all pre-requisites for a 'Good Match'! I also have a cousin who is very close to me and is a very good girl,cooks well and again has all pre-requisites for a 'Good Match'. Here I guess my Dad's genes came into the picture and I thought these 2 would make a very good pair.I thought about it for a week and then I asked the friend if he wouldn't mind me suggesting a girl for him - I wasn't sure if he would be interested - but he was! Surprise surprise - I called aunt and told her all that I knew abt this guy and made sure I impressed her. Now Im sooo excited that things are proceeding in terms of horoscope and photo exchange that Im already dreaming far far ahead...

This whole thing might or might not work - but its given me such a great high that I now understand why Dad would've wanted to do this. And Mom's pleased that I am now 'grown up' and going their way! - Whatever that means...

Edited to Add: Well it didnt work coz the said cousin has another year more to complete her MBA and so its not going ahead. But,the excitement - as long as it lasted was great - Like I told hubby - "Im so happily married that I feel I should help people with their 'Perfect Match' too... No harm there right? *wink wink* Cant ask for a better excuse to 'Poke my nose' in other's lives! :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

You R the Only One


This song says all I've wanted to tell you...

(When I first saw you, I saw love.
And the first time you touched me, I felt love.
And after all this time, you're still the one I love.)

Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

(You're still the one)
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're the one I want for life
(You're still the one)
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

Ain't nothin' better
We beat the odds together
I'm glad we didn't listen
Look at what we would be missin'

I'm so glad we made it
Look how far we've come my baby

Watch here:

I Love You! Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Living the 'Hindu' way?

Is it just suppression of women? Where Women are merely meant to be at home - cooking and cleaning for the men?

What happened to the liberty that the women in India enjoyed centuries ago when there weren't these Chauvinistic rules set by the men in the name of 'taking care of' and protecting their Women folk? Where are those Women who are still today respected for the way they fought for the countries, the scholars,the queens and the warriors?

And what gives some close minded group of people the rights to barge into any place and hit,man handle women in the name of protecting 'Hinduism'? Where in any 'Hindu' book is it written that the women have to be hit/beat and controlled and ruled over? That they don't have a right to choose what they want?

And when these men have the 'rights' or rather take these 'freedom of rights' into their hands to create a mob and ruckus cant the women of this country take the same 'freedom of rights' and do what they want?

The Women who were in that pub in Mangalore were not causing any trouble to anyone, not doing anything 'anti social' so why were they targeted un-necessarily? Just to prove that that group could do what they wanted? That they had the 'higher powers' to cause a mob and trouble and still get away with it? And to top it the man even got huge publicity and says its all to protect 'Hinduism'! And that his is a 'non-political' organisation. I can see him getting into some political party in the next couple months (Or he already might be there)... All for a few minute of fame again - and how he got it! The nerve that they even took the media with them! Wasnt there a single 'man' there who could've stopped the whole thing?

The poor women are now living in fear and unable to even give a compliant against those who publicly misbehaved and threatened and hurt them!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Silence is Golden?

3 different lunch/dinner and I found 3 couples sitting over the dining table -

Scene 1: New Year and hubby and I were out for dinner at a very good retaurant suggested by his cousin. Lovely live country music,candle light dinner by the poolside. We were thoroughly enjoying our meal when we saw this couple come in. They sat 2 tables away from us - next to each other. As the meal progressed we realised that the 2 have hardly spoken to each other except decided the menu - she is meddling with her mobile and he is reading the menu from first page to the last. By then my curiousity had peaked. I couldnt help but observe that they even finished their meal in silence and left sooner than us.

Scene 2: Lunch at work with collegues.We see a couple who are always together - they come in the same bus as me,eat together (which i noticed that day) and also leave together-I've hardly seen them conversing in the bus and I attributed it to the fact that with someone else sitting next to them and the bus being full-they might not want to talk anything. But even over lunch-We hardly saw the 2 of them smile/talk-they ate their packed lunch in silence and left.

Scene 3: Project dinner party at a very well known restaurant on friday night. A couple came in and asked for a particular place to sit which unfortunately was already occupied. So they were forced to sit at a table diagonal to us. This time my friend noticed that the couple werent talking at all. Initially we were making fun that with our gang of 24 making such a din at the restaurant the poor couple who probably came there with a quiet meal in mind were disappointed - but hey! the guy looked like he was pissed off-it showed clearly on his face and he was talking to someone on the phone and obviously ignoring her while the lady was sitting with her head bent. They probably left even before we had finished our starters!

My point: Can there really be a dearth for conversation between a couple? I mean, not all conversations need to be 'life-deciding' ones, just a causal conversation like:How good the music is/comment on the ambience of the place - can be anything general - there are times that me and hubby eat in silence-but definitely not through the meal! Thankfully! There never has been a moment where we havent got anything to say to each other...

I've always maintained that it would be better if we didnt work in the same workplace. Both of us being 2 strong individuals its better to give each other some space and not crowd each other. Even if I would work in the same place, I would rather not meet him during all the breaks! There should be something to talk about after coming home,some charm left in coming home to him, eager to hear about his day and tell him about mine... And this thought only gets stronger when I see couples like the one I saw at lunch the other day.

Why go out for dinner/lunch to a crowded place, which you know would be crowded on a friday evening when you are not happy with each other? Wouldnt it be better to sort your issues in the privacy of your own home? Why embarass your partner by blatantly ignoring him/her in public? Doesnt that spoil the whole fun of going out for a meal?

A collegue jokingly commented - maybe they are so mature in their relationship that they dont need words to communicate, they can read each other's thoughts and understand the 'unspoken'. I dont agree with it at all! For me-its always better to say things out -the good/the bad and the ugly, rather than assuming he understands...

What's your take?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy B'Day Bloggy!

In just a coupla hours...1 year - on the blogosphere!

Its been 365 - no no! 366 days of blogging and this is my 100th post.

Im glad I kept up that resolution when I began to blog last year and did it! Yay! I didnt get Lethargic or bored! Though, ofcourse, Aint it always fun to write about Me Me and more Me!?

And I've now got the confidence that I can, maybe, put more thoughts in here, perhaps think of increasing my reader base and improve my writing skills - Ideas welcome!

The new resolution will be to keep this going! Yipeee! I can blog too! :-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Remember the time...


~ We used to skate in the classroom in our socks during the lunch hour. Today, I walk gingerly on a smooth surface coz I'm scared of slipping.

~Riding the bicycle everywhere - with no care for the number of ups and downs. Today, peddling for a few minutes gives me cramps.

~ I used to walk back home from school in rain - just to get wet. Today, I carry an umbrella at the sight of heavy clouds...

~ I used to look at all Dad's cousins in their late 20s and hear that they were all well settled and successful. Today, when people tell me that I'm well settled - i wonder...

~ I used to look at mom and dad and think about when I would work and not have any exam tensions. Today, I wish I could go back to school...

~ On college trips I used to be the first to get into the water among the entire gang of friends, to play. Today, I look at the college kids playing and think just that - Ah! Kids...

Ever wonder if you've finally 'Grown Up'?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All for 5 minutes of fame...

That many people are ready to do anything,go to any lengths.

Use foul language/talk about who they slept with (or who they didnt)during a show! strip,dirty dancing...or even get tagged onto someone just so they will be picturised more often! So&So with So&So...

I dont blame the organisers-they do earn their money by airing these shows, but I dont know if I need to be awed or repelled by those who participate - there are such participants - hence there are such shows - maybe?

Participating in a show,showing that you have the confidence to face the anything, making money - is all fine - but at what cost?

What all and what not? For what? What will they achieve by being on air for 5 mins? Do all of them get a chance of a life time? Is that all that they want?

Guess there's more to it than I can even imagine!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

A Very Happy New Year! I wish that this year is going to be peaceful and safe...

Let me tag you all to this question - New Year Resolutions?

Mine-stop thinking too much! I've been listening to this one advise from a lot many people these days - so am going to make a conscious effort at it! Stop worrying what might happen/stop thinking too much... Let go and just be...

Looking forward to more dreams coming true...

So, that going to be 'It'.

Que Sera Sera...