Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All for 5 minutes of fame...

That many people are ready to do anything,go to any lengths.

Use foul language/talk about who they slept with (or who they didnt)during a show! strip,dirty dancing...or even get tagged onto someone just so they will be picturised more often! So&So with So&So...

I dont blame the organisers-they do earn their money by airing these shows, but I dont know if I need to be awed or repelled by those who participate - there are such participants - hence there are such shows - maybe?

Participating in a show,showing that you have the confidence to face the anything, making money - is all fine - but at what cost?

What all and what not? For what? What will they achieve by being on air for 5 mins? Do all of them get a chance of a life time? Is that all that they want?

Guess there's more to it than I can even imagine!

1 comment:

  1. Very true. Fame is never cheap. You exchange it for privacy, and some times for, self-respect.