Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Remember the time...


~ We used to skate in the classroom in our socks during the lunch hour. Today, I walk gingerly on a smooth surface coz I'm scared of slipping.

~Riding the bicycle everywhere - with no care for the number of ups and downs. Today, peddling for a few minutes gives me cramps.

~ I used to walk back home from school in rain - just to get wet. Today, I carry an umbrella at the sight of heavy clouds...

~ I used to look at all Dad's cousins in their late 20s and hear that they were all well settled and successful. Today, when people tell me that I'm well settled - i wonder...

~ I used to look at mom and dad and think about when I would work and not have any exam tensions. Today, I wish I could go back to school...

~ On college trips I used to be the first to get into the water among the entire gang of friends, to play. Today, I look at the college kids playing and think just that - Ah! Kids...

Ever wonder if you've finally 'Grown Up'?


  1. I tend to differ here.

    Growing up means being wiser and smarter. Prudent enought to take the right decisions. It should not stop u from enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Sadly, a relentless pursuit of material pleasures ends up muting the child within us.

    The ones who manage to attain the dual goal of being wise enough without denting that kid within have really "grown up" well.

  2. Woh Jagjit singh ki ghazal sun ke inspiration mila for this post?? :o)

    He he ! True those were the days !!!

  3. Aw!!!! don't make me think like this... makes me depressed. neways I still love to get wet.. so no umbrella unless we are having a storm or its likes... but i do look at college kids and think.. "Ah kids"

    - Sanju
    (ur blog does not let me add my comments at all... i think this is the 4th post i am trying to comment..hmmm lets see if i am successful)