Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Conversation Between Love and Anger

Love and Anger were having an arguement in my head:

Anger: Im so totally pissed off. He doesnt understand.You better stay in hiding until then.
Love: What is it do you want him to understand? Why should I hide?
Anger: He doesnt understand what I want.And if you show yourself to him he wont take me seriously.
Love: Have you told him what you want?
Anger: Why should I tell him everything? He knows me for so long now - he should know.
Love: He might know what's on your mind.But did you tell him when and how you've planned?
Anger:When he knows what I want, then why cant he ask himself? - Why should I explicitly tell him all the time?
Love: You always tell him to express his thoughts - you cant read his mind - The same applies to him. How long are you going to stay angry?
Anger: I want to stay angry until he does what I want - without me having to be specific.
Love: Can you really do that? See how agitated he is - unable to read your mind - you tell him.
Anger: Let him be agitated. Let him think
Love: But this'll end sooner if you tell him - You know he will do it for you.
Anger: I know he will do if I tell him but I want him to read my mind...
Love: So go tell him. You wont even let me talk about anything else with him.
Anger: I think I'll go tell him. I cant stay angry with him for too long... You always overpower me. I dont like that.
Love: Im only reasoning with you - even you know how good he is to you.
Anger: Yeah yeah I'll go tell him and get him to agree what I want. Until then you dont let yourself show.
Love: I cant hide for much longer.Better make it fast.
Anger: OK OK, Im going...told...He agreed...Im gone...He's all your's now...
Love:Ah! Finally, I can be myself now...

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  1. Simple yet beautiful way of putting it, Rash! This dilemma often happens in our lives - one emotion overpowering the other at different times. Anger overpowering Love results in fight, Love overpowering anger results in making-up. I think it is this balance of emotions that adds spice to our lives and keeps the relationship alive!!