Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More fun with less pennies

The past month saw us eating out a lot many times. Hubby's cousin and her hubby MR and Mrs IT were here for a visit after 3 years and we were all eager to meet,greet and eat with them. We wanted to show-off our city and how its grown over the last few years and we took them to a posh restaurant with live music and barbecue and spent a considerable amount of money...

Later over the week we (Just hubby and I) met them for dinner and they chose a very casual place to just sip tea, have chaats and talk - like old times when we double dated. And it really was more fulfilling-we did get to talk a lot more than we did that other evening.

And also, we spent a lot less. And thinking about all the times I've had a lot of fun, here's what I came up with:

As kids when all cousins met at one house where mom/aunt cooked the lunch for us (Only drawback was for the said mom/aunt who had to cook for us)
Even today when the family meets at someone's house and orders a simple meal from outside - rather than going out to a resort.
The street food at the food street (Vishweshwarapuram) at 9pm with cousins - we wouldnt have spent more than 100Rs per person and we would've eaten (Ofcourse some on share basis):Masala dosa,Carrot Halwa,Badam milk,Pooran PoLi,Idli,AkkiRotti,Fruit chaat,Masala Pepsi,Gulkand fruit salad with ice cream - quite an impressive list isnt it?
Some evenings at Gandhi Bazaar Bugle Rock where hubby and I eat Bhel puri (Churmuri) for 15rs, a tomato chat for 10rs and a flavoured milk for 12rs - and dinner is done.
All the Double dating we did with the said hubby's cousin and with another couple before marriage...

No doubt we still do spend 100's of Rs. at Corner house and Dominoes - but the fun in eating that churmuri at a street stall is somehow special...

Any such memories where you've spent less and had more fun?


  1. I completely agree to this... During the India trip last month, Nikhil and I hogged "gol-gappa's" in a road side stall at Delhi.. They were so yummy and we had a great time.. Did not spend much at all...

  2. ha ha this brings so many memories :)

    1) all of us cousins in mangalore queing up at our Grandpa's house during our summer vacation for the stupid "gadi wala" cone ice cream, i guess 100 rs main we could have bought the whole cart ! In what we spend on one bill of drink and dine at a swank place, We could buy all of the ice-cream + the cart i guess ! but it wud surely not be fun :0

    2) 9 of us friends had bought ONE bottle of beer at a beach on the outskirts of bomaby and haggled so much over the price as he was charging an exhoribant 80 rs :)

    But i guess the lax of money made it all the merrier !