Friday, July 24, 2009

What I should be doing...

What I should be doing-And what I've been doing...

Eat sprouts and fruits - Eating potato chips and cadbury's

Eat healthy meals for lunch and dinner - Eating out at work and maggie and soup for dinner

Listen to good soothing music - Listening to Peter Andre sing mysterious girl and Billy joel - we didnt start the fire and Shania Twain croon you're the one for me...

Read good books which makes you relax and happy - Got hold of Jodi Picoult's 'The perfect Match' about child molestation and abuse.Well I did stop it (reluctantly) after 20 pages - got too heavy to continue.

Walk,Walk,Walk - Eat at 9pm and in bed by 10pm

Dont stress and keep calm - Take on more work and come home by 9.30pm

And pray God that everything continues to go smooth.*Touch Wood*
I know I've been bad - I just wrote about how 'responsible' I need to get! Well, but I've been consciously trying to change everyone of them. I just had an apple along with chips/Listening to 'Garbh Sanskar' that MIL bought just for me!/am walking as much as I can at work/trying to take it easy at work as well... And decided to buy only family drama and romance from Blossoms at my next visit :-) - Now! Thats something to look forward too - no one can call me shallow for reading M&B or Nora Roberts now! heheh!


  1. One thing I can say for sure, with all the activities that you are indulging in, the "bun in the oven" is going to be someone special.

    Good Luck!!!

  2. There are almost no more Nora Roberts for u to read babes.. I have given them all to you :-)
    Say did u copy friends and those other stuff u wanted from N???

  3. Its OK to indulge, Rashmi. All those health tips you can save them and pass them on to your "juniors" :-))
    Jokes apart, you have the awareness of what you've been upto and what you ought to. So you're already travelling in the right direction. Enjoy all the pampering without that element of guilt!