Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life inside a car

As seen travelling to and from work:

1. A couple in the car arguing about something.
2. Another couple - both holding hands over the gear :-)
3. A single man in the car - tapping his fingers to the music or talking over the handsfree.
4. A big shot in a swanky car with driver - on the laptop or talking on blackberry
5. A call center cab taking people back home- all dozing in the car
6. A call center cab with only driver - talking over the mobile and driving rash
7. A parent with a bored kid strapped in the front seat.
8. A busy body eating an apple/sandwich at the signal-probably having skipped a meal?
9. A confident lady driving a cool red Skoda Octavia (imagine me drooling over the car)
10. Finally, me me - sitting in a bus and observing all these and letting my imagination run wild - while my subjects are unaware ;-p

Observe anything else? Feel free to add in comments...


  1. You need to start napping while in the bus!! Hehehe!!

  2. If you ever see someone in an office cab, talking or peeping into a blackberry ! That would be be :o) I only have a blackberry ! not a swanky car :p