Saturday, October 24, 2009

OMG! I cant see my feet!

Finally! Its a milestone I thought I will never get to. Friends and family have been telling me of this day since I reached 4th month, but i somehow stuck it out until the end of 8th month!

So I think this deserves a mention here. Suddenly today I realised I cant see my feet while standing in attention - only the fat mound of my tummy is visible! I need to put my feet in the front - a teeny weeny step - and then I can see my toes!

Gawd! Now I think I need to be careful about climbing stairs and waddling around too... I think thats the next milestone I've been told about...

So,lets see when THAT happens... Couple more months to go yet...


  1. LOL! I guess mine is the opposite - I can see mine again!

  2. My condition is similar to yours, even I can not see my feet. The only difference is, your condition is going to get better in 2 months and mine is going to get worse. The tummy has been growing forever.