Saturday, October 24, 2009

What would I be?

If I werent a Software/Engg? Doctor? - That was my dream job... Well for various reasons that didnt work out (Maybe it deserves a post all of its own). But then there didnt seem to be much choice - Computers are 'in' and thats what I have to do -it was decided. And thats why I am where I am today.

But to think about all options there were out there - Yesterday night hubby and I were talking about the Event Manager at his company. That guy did his MBA and then got into event management and now travels all around the world organising events - both at the company level and at the client/corporate level. I was totally impressed. Everyday is exciting,everyday is new, everyday is fun - which is so different from what most of us do.

At work, a friend is a great foodie. He's bought chocolate slabs and he plans to make homemade chocolates - someone he knows makes a living out of it - which isnt expensive but a steady/good income... We were seriously thinking of investing in this and trying if it will work here!

I've seen people making something as simple as tassles and selling them on websites.

I met an uncle today who said his DIL is a professional classical dancer...

I mean - Wow! There are so many options and careers out there that will give you pleasure and satisfaction along with the much required money for sustainance (maybe more!) and I didnt even know of them 10yrs ago! Wish I did - Maybe I would've been more successful/more satisfied not to say richer if I had opted for something else! (I LOVE artwork - maybe a good career option that?)

What do you think?...

PS: And to think that my Dad was upset and ready to disown me if I became a 'data entry operator' after my computer course! Bah!


  1. What do I think? I think it is never too late to take up something. If you wanna dance, learn dancing. Explore and you will see its never too late.. :)

    The options will only increase and yes we should have the guts to allow our children to take up whatever they want and teach them to take risks.

    & Yes the name on my list is yours. :)

  2. I wanted to become an Usher in a cinema hall :o) Just so that i can see all the new movies first day first show :o) !!