Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Woman’s Vanity

When you’re feeing fat and figureless – getting to work everyday is an exercise of its own, let along thinking about ‘dressing-up’ (‘presentable’ is enough) and then suddenly you have a spurt of energy one day and dress up to work for an ethnic day celebration in a simple saree and not much ado, boys who look at ‘girls’ (knowing you’re no longer one of them) come up to you and complement you saying you look good – It brings a smile and makes your day giving you confidence that you aren’t such a bad/ugly/ungainly sight either!

Ah! Vanity! – Thy name is Woman…

Oh! Here's Wishing Everyone a Very Happy DeepawaLi! May this festival of lights bring lots of joy and happiness, health and wealth to everyone...


  1. Very well written.
    Wish you a very happy diwali as well. Wish SRK on our behalf as well.

  2. :o) and hope u had a good diwali too ! Am sure the next one will be much better :o)

    hope u doing well..

    Take care...