Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 9 months project

Is almost over and in its final stages of last minute tweaking and testing. Probably getting ready to "Go-Live"??
9 long months of making sure things are going right, loosing sleep and appetite and now when its finally getting closer to implementation - Im all apprehensive about the implementation date and hoping for a successful no hitches, smooth product delivery - maintaining 100% quality too!
And though I have my team ready - Yes! I finally get to be the PM :-), Im already thinking of the life long Post-Implementation support!

Counting days now and keeping fingers crossed...


  1. Hey U R not the PM , you are the Delivery Manager (pun intended) with complete control and all future projects will always be assigned solely to you :-)

    Jokes apart, I am surrounded by new mothers here (there are about 6 new mothers and 2 expecting mothers) so from what I hear (and thats a LOT) (not that you will be able to stop doing so, but...)dont worry too much , its gonna be smooth sailing. :-)