Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here Comes the SON!!

On the 22nd of December.And i cant begin to think how life has changed a complete 360deg!

We thought we were prepared for the night-outs and days filled with baby stuff.BUT there's just no preparation for the emotional and mental upheaval when he cries - and we have no way of figuring out why the tears...

Everyday of these past 12 days have been as different as day and night and everyday a new learning experience as a parent to both of us-from feeding/nppy changing/putting him to sleep/figuring out why the wail...And like I was telling someone - Im handling all Priority 1 issues atleast 2 times every night! A lifetime of Post Implementation support begins...

And Im so glad that hubby's paternity leave has been so helpful and I have a new found respect and a lot more love for him - looks like he's gonna be a better Dad than a husband!! :-)

These have been just some random thoughts at the moment and I need to rush! I just got a bleep in the form of a wail! Running along now...


  1. Hearty Congratulations ! :o) finally time to change to a mommy blog :o)


  3. Congratulations Babes :-)
    Sorry have been unable to call you. Will do so soon.