Friday, December 3, 2010

Diwali Post - After a month!

I finally decided to post a few picutres of Diwali at home! :-) Things have been so hectic that I just didnt have time to download the picutres and put them up. Im just gonna let the pictures talk...

My Home - My Pride...

Wanted to do a flower Kollam but didnt get flowers in different colors the previous evening!  So here's my small attempt at Rangoli...
Some scented floating candles in a corner

The Complete picture of the Rangoli and diyas. The corner ones are made from brass that I specifically asked Sanju to get for me from Chennai :-) - Thanks Sanju
Sangeeta - Am still waiting for my basil and roses :-D - See how dried up my basil looks :-( I've bought a new one though now...

 View of the upper sitting area and the electric Diyas hanging
 View of the living room - notice Chutku's walker and toys?

 Hubby watching the flower pot - I didnt burst a single cracker this Diwali - just looked from the Bay window in the bedroom with Chuktu on my lap... Maybe next year I will teach him to burst them too :-D

MIL Lighting the sparkler from my Diya.

In all - the food was great,company greater. Every year I look forward to this festival that we celebrate with the entire cousins gang - thats what makes it so special I think.

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  1. Hey nice pics.. kudos to the photographer.. :-).