Friday, February 25, 2011

In-Law questions...

Should the DIL wake up early even on weekends when the son can sleep all he wants

Should DIL turn to a home-maker over the weekends while the son watches world cup and munches on the couch
Shouldnt DIL's parents come to help while you can go to your daughter's house any number of times
Do you have to compare how you used to run the house with how DIL runs it now?
Do you have to say that the daughter doesnt spend at all and the DIL is a shop-o-holic?
Do you impose dress restrictions on DIL while daughter can wear what she wants?
Do you have to buy for everyone in the daughter's family when you go shopping for DIL's Bday?
Do you expect the DIL to put you and your family before her parents and her family
Do you expect DIL to sympathise/empathise and do all your work if you are unwell where as when you are only bothered about your son being fed if the DIL is sick.
Cant your son pitch in and help if his wife is unwell?
Do you symapthise and sing son's praises if he does help his unwell wife?
Dont you understand that he isnt doing anything great - just what is required...

Why Oh Why Oh Why?....


  1. Being a bharathiya nari.. the answer to all your questions is YES. :-D

  2. Because in-laws are only legal and parents are parents, come what may! Hang in there!