Thursday, February 17, 2011

what do I do

The maid is on leave
The milk man doesnt turn up
Personal health is not all that great
Have to attend wedding receptions midweek
Come home alone with the child
Have to cook dinner and get ready for the next work day
The child decides to bite his finger and throw a rip-roaring, roof-bringing down tantrum
Have a major sleep deprivation and Zero personal time...

Come to office post an impromptu post steepled in self-pity!

Ah! This is such a mood uplifter! *Sigh* The small pleasures...


  1. So, out of the different reasons posted above, what is the one that took place today for this post dripping with self pity? Or was it all of them?

    And what was SRK doing all the while?

  2. Nikhil - All these in a span of 2-3 days - building up.

    As for SRK - you must ask him yourself!