Monday, April 4, 2011

1 Year of "Samruddhi"

iToday marks 1 year of the Grihapravesha and shifting to our home Samruddhi. A dream come true for Hubby and me.  When we began we were short of cash, just changed jobs and even in our wildest dreams did we imagine we would build a home of our own. We started apartment hunting. But then (I guess Gods above suddenly decided that why will look at us too!) things fell into place and we decided to construct our own home.Even then we didnt dream that it would be so big, everyone advised us to construct 2 houses so we could rent one out and make it a little easy on the finances - but somehow we stuck to what we always dreamt about. With Chuktu being just 3 months old we didnt even think of doing the Grihapravesha, forget shifting, but that too just happened with the flow!
Though we are still very far away from having that Dream Home that looks picture perfect, there is still a feeling of content -  this is where we want to provide the little fellow with every comfort and joy, where we can put our feet up and sit anywhere, sleep in any room, sing as loudly as we want, laugh all we like, run around the little fellow, invite people over.

A cousin said she wants to christen our home as 'Function Junction' since most festival and party get together have happened here. And that's the way I want it to be. Infact this is what I wrote back to her:
And I would LOVE to make the most of our home - I want it to be a place where people WANT to come to, where everyone will feel comfortable to be, where they can relax and enjoy, where they can feel that they can drop in at anytime... And that can only happen if people visit often. And these days, the only time people visit you is when you invite them or there is a function/festival. I try to make the most of the situation... 

Leaving you with some home pics:


Upstairs living - My fave french doors and the brown wall

Secret Santa gifts on the DVD Stand for New year

Main living

Living Room

Ganesha pooja in the dining room

Main door and view of living during Grihapravesha
Living room in blue

View of the house on Grihapravesha


  1. Hi RS, you have a lovely blog and lovely home. I read few posts, looks like you too love traveling, loved reading few of the travel posts. Will come back and read rest..Why don't you put some of your Mauritius snaps here?I used to live in Bangalore too.

  2. Hey Babes, this is in answer to did I see your house pics.You bet I did!
    My new house here, all I have done is fancy painting and some fancy wood work. Not hung a single dust catcher.
    As I have already told you, yours is a dream house. Its lovely just the way it is.