Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Random updates

*whiny whiny post ahead*

So much has been happening over the past couple of months that Im looking forward for a break - a break from everyday life!

- With Chutku falling ill on and off sleep has taken a big hit and more often than not Im walking around like a zombie these days. I just hope it doesnt affect my work - hasnt, atleast not yet.

- The April Chikkamagalur trip seems like it was in some last life! Sigh! I wish for another holiday soon - hmmm... like right now?

- On the work front things are getting more and more hectic and me being me, have again gotten into the rut of taking calls late evening - unable to say No.

- And this is affecting home life big time - Guilt has begun to creep that not enough time is being spent with the little one.

- Finally, after much deliberating and insessent pushing from the hubby, I've relented to keeping a cook at home. I avoided all this time and its not something Im very happy and comfortable about, but it seems only practical when Im out of the house for 12hours a day. My dream of having to cook and feed my family has to be on pause atleast for the moment.

- A lot of stress caused a lot of health problems to moi - resulting in the cook decision. Have you ever thought what a big pain it is to decide what to cook? God! I wonder how Moms have been doing it like forever! Atleast now I only decide the previous night and the cook takes over in the mornings giving me some breathingspace.

- And how do I use this 'breathing space' - by sleeping that extra 1/2 hr! The plan was I will go walking for half hour err...

- All the work stress/lack of sleep/no personal space leading to major arguements at home - both with the spouse and with parents - and THAT is something which I know will have its repurcussions *sigh*

- With all these, things that I want to do, which will give me pleasure have come to a standstill - the home decor,gardening,reading,my paints and stitches - where is the time for all that? And THIS is why I want to take a break from everyday life - does it sound silly? I mean, these are all supposed to be done for hobby in freetime - so wanting to take a break from the everyday paying job and life and kid to do these sounds frivolous to myself sometimes...


  1. I have to write about this too! Though your situation is a li'l more complex than mine. How I coped with it, I sit everyday and sketch for half an hour! Whenever I have time - Whether it is a boring work call or a meeting. I just do it and have started to look forward to it. and I think that whole theory of Prioritizing works too coz I used to take up every single phone call now I just let it be.

    My friends understand ;) and those who don't - well what do I say about them eh?

    and Of course Advice is always easy though the whole getting back to Sketching idea was my Dad's advice. :)

  2. @Seeps - I still do try and read for a few mins before my close of its own accord - no matter how interesting it is/how much I want to finish reading it - I cannot! - I remember staying awake until 3am to finish the last Harry Potter and I wonder how I did that!

  3. Take/live each day at a time. Try to squeeze out some time for yourself. If it is not possible everyday then do it atleast once a week coz you need to charge yourself to face the gruelling week ahead. Oh! yes, i agree its quite daunting when one has to think what to cook for the next meal. I wish if someone could free me from daily chores and cooking, too, though I love cooking.

  4. Those were the days! Tell me about it - I am stuck on the second chapter of Sea of Poppies since 2 months! I wonder how I used to finish novels in one sitting way back!

  5. When kids fall sick parents are more tired than them isn't it? where are Chikkamagalur trip snaps? is work hectic every where..Sigh..Cook wise decision, I don't get an Indian cook where I live. Hugs to RS , we all sail in same boat...

  6. @Seeps: Sea of Poppies, what do I say - the very size of the book put me off it! Tell me if its worth reading... Will pick it up next time I go to blossoms...
    @Weourlife - Chikkamagalur pics were not many.We just lazed around rather than take pics :-) Work IS hectic everywhere and sadly WFH options here are very few.
    @Shas - thanks for coming by here. Actual cooking is much simpler if only someone would give me the menu! :-)

  7. I will! I am just wondering what would u say If I told you I am reading Shantaram! :) Thts double the size of Sea of Poppies but a very interesting read! :)

  8. You say u have no time and when u get 20 spare minutes, u write a blog. What a hypocrite ;-)

    Btw, I am going to give the same excuse for my absence from blogosphere off late, although there is no little one yet to blame it on.

    But with, "you-know-who" visiting, I have some time on my hands and I spend my 20-spare-minutes writing this stupid comment on ur blog and calling u a hypocrite. Am loving it.

  9. @Nikhil - I guess I forgot to mention here - 20spare mins at work - never at home!

    In the 20 spare mins you have - Why dont you put more posts on what's happening there instead? I guess you and me should try doing a NaBloPoMo once - what say? :-D We can compete on who will miss the max number of days!