Saturday, June 11, 2011


 Aaaah! Mauritius - A lot of planning and last minute running around - we went to Mauritius for our honeymoon :-) What better way to celebrate this month other than these pictures.... I have a dream to go back there again - say - our 25th anniversary? :-D

Pamplemouses - At the Botanical Gardens

The Dormant Volcano

Sunset from the room

Water falls into the ocean - Amazing Speed boat ride to get here

Sega Dance at the hotel

Shiva Temple

From the submarine ride

Chamarel - Multi coloured volcanic sand

Starfish at Ile Aux Cerf - see the shell inside?

Hubby at the hotel bar - Obviously :-)

Complimentary drinks...


Sunset at Ile Aux Cerf

Sugarcane fields - taller than 6ft!
Ile Aux Cerf


  1. Awesome photography and some beautiful memories :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, same pinch on the honeymoon @Mauritius

  3. Lovely and sweet moments. Beautiful clicks :)