Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Episode where I ditched both Father and Son

Everyday morning rush as usual. And we also dropped off bhaaji to the ILs place on the way since we started as early as 7.45 from home. And more than half way later - I realise that Hubby's laptop bag is not in its usual place. Only then did he also realise that he has left it at home and it was already past 8.30 by then.

I began to get worked up because we had to turn back, go home and travel all the way to work again which means all the effort of waking up at 5.15am goes down the drain! And Not to talk about the attendance issue in the office. So, started an arguement and we thought about options - cant take Chutku in volvo at taht time since it will be crowded till the door, no autos available at that point..blah..blah..and then he said 'get down - do what you want'.

And what did I do - I just got down, saw a volvo on the opposite side of the road. Ran across the street like I was running for the olympics and I even GOT THE BUS!! This is the most impulsive thing I've ever done. I didnt even bother to turn back and see if they were still there - yes, Chutku was still strapped to the car seat... And as I write this I have Evil laughter bubbling up - I ditched the Father to handle the son too,didnt look back and I didnt even know I had it in me to do something like this! Somewhere Im thinking - Serves him right to be so irresponsible but the heart is guilty for doing this - for leaving him to drive all the way with the little fellow all alone... And its about 1.5 hrs journey. Im now waiting for them to come to office and see what the effect has been...

So, What do you think? Have I been a Bad Wife/Mother today? And guess what - the little bugger didnt even realise that I've gotten out of the car! He was so involved in looking out the window!


  1. ha ha wat an incident to remember n laugh!! I guess its a good lesson for not being so careless! I recall a similar incident where hubby came to drop me driving 25 kms and when near my office realised that he hasnt bought his laptop... Instead of going back home n then picking up laptop and then drive to office he decided to go back home n WFH.. I still feel guilty abt it as I did not notice it!! Let us know that aftermath... :)

  2. Errr..why are you a bad mother/wife..because you left them alone..pagal hai was the sanest thing you did! abhi why should both of you be late...just one of you losing pay/leave makes more sense na ;) and Chutku..arey as long as he is in the car next to the window, I am sure he doesnt even bother heheeh :)

    R's Mom

  3. Just did the right thing. I can totally related to getting up at 5.15 effort being wasted.

  4. Walking out of the car I think I did so many times and so many cities, once in blore we had fight and I cried and later when he was stuck in traffic I opened the door and stepped out, it was a crowded place. All of them were looking at me, R was scared that people would hit him, he begged and got me back to the car. I have so many stories like this in each city..You sounded like me for a while...

  5. lol.. i dont think u were bad mother/wife yar.. you did ur ritual of getting up early and finishing all work. it was nt ur mistake to forget laptop na.. so you proceeded as everyday routine..

  6. and i completely understand b'lore traffic and volvo bus..

  7. @Deeps: No aftermath - He was not surprised that I did it!

    @RM,Musica,Anu Thathi - Thanks! That makes me feel good :-) That Im not the only one who gets worked up un-necessarily.

    WOL - Wow! You've done that? I have never been so impulsive so I was kinda happy about walking out of the car like that! :-)