Monday, July 4, 2011

Office Rant rant rant...

OK, I've been quite dis-satisfied with what I've been doing for the last 3 months in this new project. Though I had made it pretty clear initially about what I wanted and where I wanted to go, the concerned people didnt bother about it and just put me where they most wanted somebody. I even made it clear that I have the experience of doing the next role because I've already done it and they just dismissed it...

And I've been doing the work that a 3yr experienced person would be doing - sometimes a 1yr exp would be doing. And I did that too thinking things will improve and change. But nope! Since I so quietly accepted all that they dumped on me they are no way close to giving me even the opportunity to move ahead. They want me to continue in this rut for as long as they can wring the max out of me. They want me to do the donkey's work and give credit to someone else whose work Im doing. As long as I keep quiet and continue to do it - all's well but where is that leading me? I've been proactive and tried to introduce something new which is not even considered because 'onsite' doesnt want it...

I'm confused - do I just keep quiet and keep doing this while being unhappy? Compromise because I have a day care here where I can be available for Chuktu? Because I have the physical comfort of travelling with hubby everyday (Now even that is not possible with his erratic long hours)? Continue to do the work and let others take the credit for it?  Or do I just quit and get another job elsewhere and then see how it will work out -Im scared to do that with the dependencies right now...

I realise that I've somehow brought upon myself the wrath of 'onsite' because I spoke up with issues that were causing problems. I didnt realise that the others here just keep their mouth shut and do as their 'onsite' asks them to - even to the extent of a*se licking which I abhor and find disgusting! I realise I take my disappointment at work - home and let it affect my weekends and evenings.

I had a discussion today with the '2 ups' and let them know that despite having made my intentions clear Im not getting what I asked for and Im unhappy with it. I've been asked to think about it and get back in a couple of days and I told them that I've already thought about this and I dont want to continue to do what Im doing because I dont see any career growth for me in this...

Did I do wrong? Does that come across as unprofessional? Am I letting my heart make the decision - I've given this a lot of thought and Im still uncertain...


  1. confusion confusion confusion...I can so understand your dilemma and the confused me can offer no solution..sorry! do what your heart tells you because sometimes the heart is much stronger than the head :)

    PS you have a daycare for Chutku at work??? Wow if thats true..and that will be a VERY strong reason for me NOT to quit :)

    Take care and loads of hugs
    R's Mom

  2. Hi RS,
    First of all a big hug to you.Being in the same industry I can understand what is happening.
    If u have put in enuff no of years in ur present job, and changing dosen't hurt, quit and change your job. Market is good.
    But will the new job, do good, no idea atleast you can try.
    And about the proximity of day care, thats a big plus point of your current job isnt it.
    But ultimately think logically, and do what you think will be in your best interest.At least you will be happy that you tried.

  3. Hey,

    Even I was going through similar situtation and I finally took a call. I don't know if you know but I have put down my papers.

    Well coming to your situation, I think what you did was right. You did endure with it for quite some time and gave it a shot. But you can't force yourself to do something which is bothering you so much that it affects your personal life. I understand about the dependencies with the day care and all. But hey there are so many options out there specially in a place like Bangalore. You could look for some other account or role as well... My best wishes to you...


  4. @RM - Yes, I changed my job to this one, only because it had a day care in the work place - but it takes 1.5hrs of travel everyday - one way and if Im taking back the work stress home - is it worth it - is what Im confused about!

    @Musica - I do have 7.5yrs of exp and want a change in the profile. But the biggest reason why im sticking here is the day care and most people are aware of it to take advantage of my situation.

    @ Seema - Great to know! Good decision - I need to wait for 1 more year to be able to freely take that call...

  5. RSI was a big lame-o at pushing myself in the workplace - as a journalist you're supposed to be very chill and all - but my husband is one of those corporate types and I learnt a lot from him, including that you need to ask for what you want loudly and clearly and make your presence felt. You seem to have done that to no avail. So if they are not recognising you potential, you might bide your time a bit, try to find more receptive people to speak to (HR maybe?) but at the end of day, your only option may be to look elsewhere. Daycare is a big thing so if your kid is small stick it out for a while until you can set up a decent option for your kid. In my current job, I was being passed over for responsibilities but I just ignored it because I also wanted to be laid back because I knew I was having a kid. So you can just treat it as a phase for a year or two and if they are not promoting you, don't be proactive in taking on stuff either.

  6. Lady, you've spoken to ur higher ups about your ambition and concerns so you've done what you need to do. If things dont change try for internal transfer to a profile that suits you, even if that doesnt work then think about quitting-but remember that the grass is always greener on the other side. You are never guranteed that you'll be better off in the new company, the only thing guranteed is the hike you'll get wen joining

  7. hey u know what? I want to rant & rave like you too cos I have very little to do here in the new place. So, I completely understand1

  8. That's quite a predicament!
    You did the right thing by sharing your concerns. However, quitting is the answer if the pros outweigh the cons. So, think some more!
    All the very best! :)

  9. well how would you at least hope for a change unless you ask for it. and if they know what a valuable employee you are they will find something else for you to do!

    wish you luck!

  10. Chutku will be going to school soon? Then daycare is less of a concern at your work, no?

    I would do anything but bring stress home. At the end of the day, that was the 'no-no' for me that caused me to quit and do things I am happy to do. What do we work for if it is making you and the people around you unhappy or not totally happy?

    Think it through...daycare's important but can't run your life either.

  11. RS - Make sure you are heard. If the higher ups dont listen to you, they dont deserve you. Make them feel the pain of your absence. Atleast, that way, you will be happy, who cares abt them.

  12. You did the write thing, I am in similar boat and I can totally understand your frustration..Hugs ..