Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The past 1 week

I shall begin from 14th - Saturday when the actual preparation for cousin's wedding began -I mean for me! Lots of activities had been happening over the past 3 months while we were getting updates on the phone we never did get involved completely (which Im still regretting) due to time constraints.

You wont believe that I got Rs.10000 worth voucher for a high end parlor/spa here - something like a scratch card and that too 2 of them! So, I asked my co-sister (more friend) to join me for the parlor session before the wedding. And the entire day 14th was spent there! The head massage was awesome but the back and foot massage was nothing to speak of :-( Didnt really get any relief. And I realised that no matter what I can never really relax with goop on my face or during the massage which effectively negates all the good things the facial is supposed to do to you. Im always uncomfortable and cold! So, no matter what everyone advocates - a full body massage is out of question for me!!
Hubby had finally got the evening free and had booked for ZNMD - and I LOVED it. Havent laughed in a movie so much in ages! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Must watch, must watch.My one dream of learning to ride a bike was rekindled after seeing Katrina Kaif.

MIL's sister is visiting from the US and since all sisters wanted to meet at 1 place. I had invited 5 sisters for lunch on the 15th. And it was so stressful - not because of them - they are all sweethearts and loved the simple bisibele bhaat, papad, jamoon,rice, rasam and curd rice menu but because of Chutku - he had some insect bite and had his entire left eye swollen shut. He was in a very cranky mood and was non-stop crying the whole morning which meant that hubby couldnt help me a single bit. And the cook who came at 7am said she had to leave by 7.30 didnt finish anything to take her kids to Aug 15th celebrations in the school!! So, it was just me again. And did I mention that the maid has quit too?!!
Evening we had an invite at an ex-collegue, more friend's house for what he calls high-tea. So, we first went to the hospital, got medicine for Chutku and then went to friends house for a lovely tea with Samosa,cutlet,sandwich and kheer! Yuuummmmmmyyyyy. We knew he is a good cook but wife's amazing too! Wish my hubby took so much interest in cooking :-( And since we had already g iven 1 dose of medicine to the little fellow he was quite comfortable and was playing around - all's well that ends well!

17th and 18th - full wedding running around - playing dress-up and acting busy! 1 thing that I have to mention here that we managed to video chat through skype with all the cousins settled in US/UK and show them the festivities, made them talk to the elders and in-all somehow got them to participate in the wedding! :-) That was a first time for us and we enjoyed thoroughly...

21st - Final lunch hosted by us - the grooms side and we had amazing games organised. And dressed up  Chutku like Krishna (thankfully by 17th the swelling on his eye had reduced and he was feeling much better) as it was Janmashtami and had yummy food again. I must;ve put on a couple of Kgs of weight with all those Ras Malais and Jamoons and pheNis...

And its so borrriiinnnngg to get back to work  today that Im still missing all those activities and recollecting the food.Sigh! And this is the last of the weddings of couins for a long time to come...


  1. You had a super busy week dear, Oh waw you had full massage at Spa. I am so J, I have been craving for a spa long time now. You single handedly all the cooking ..good job..I hope Chutku is feeling better now..Can we see him in Krishna dress?

  2. WHAT!! you posted about so much food that I am so super hungry now....

    you managed all that cooking woh bhi for MIL ka sisters..kidhar hai aapke feet!!

    krishna is it..like LF says photu photu we want we want :)

    R's Mom

  3. @LF - NO! I DIDNT go for a full body massage- I said that Im too uncomfortable to go for one!! I opted seperately for head/back and foot massage but except for the head massage which was done by some guy - the other 2 were let downs :-(

    @RM - I can manage a regular saree but not any special style. And cooking I can manage as long as someone takes care of the little one and I dont make rotis - that saves a LOT of time - so no need to be in awe!! :-( Im not a good cook...

  4. Wow! thats a full week indeed and sounds like it was good fun too,
    Hey did i tell u i am taking 2 weeks off starting today :-) Not sure what to do with all the time in my hands.
    Enjoy! :-)
    BTW Remind me to give u the URL for this new blog I am following. Its very entertaining