Friday, August 12, 2011

A peek into my Purse

RM (as usual) made me think of something that I never though about! Contents of my bag.

Its been years since I just carry a wallet anywhere. And now after Chutku there is just no space in a wallet for everything that I need to keep! So on any given day a peek into my purse looks like this:

 A packet of tissues
 A couple of hankys
 My homeo medicine for cold/throat ache
 My eye drops for dry eyes
 Hand Sanitizer.
Chutku’s nasal drops
Chutku’s sippy cup for water.
Some small toy for him to play in the bus – cars, finger puppets
 Biscuits/chocolates
 Bindi packet,Comb, Clips and rubber bands
Sometimes Kajal pencil and lipstick – or compact incase I need to go anywhere after office.
 Sanitary napkin
 Spectacle case.
Wallet (of course) – which in turn has my debit and credit cards, some change, a couple of my Pasport size photos, multiple receipts and visiting cards.
Some extra cash in another pouch – Which I ALWAYS run out of  :-(
My Driver’s License (Dreams of driving some day)
House keys – These came into picture only now after we shifted home and I now realise what a big responsibility it is!
Umbrella – These days, travelling by bus with Chutku.
Occassionally a milk bottle if he hasn’t eaten anything in the evening.
Oh! Chutku’s nail cutter – yes I cut his nails in the car in the mornings when I can keep him well distracted…

And whenever anyone asks me for something – I pull out tissues/hand sanitzer for In-Laws or something to eat for Hubby – No wonder hubby calls it my magic purse – I keep pulling stuff out of it as required :-D


  1. you have biscuits and chocolates in your bag..adopt me RS adopt me :) and I promise to drink milk everyday ;)

    R's Mom

  2. Nice thought of jotting down the contents of your purse. With Chutku growing, contents will change too. Hey, I too carry a nail cutter in my bag to cut Mantam's nails in the car. Lolz... Good to see much frequent posts here.

  3. It sure is a magic purse with something for everyone :)

  4. A woman's bag is a li'l treasure house. But, at times it is pretty annoying when you realize that you have stuffed your bag with every possible thing that you need except the one that you needed that moment.

  5. @sh@s - You are soo right! There are times when Im searching for my lip balm and I never get it!
    @Chatterbox - Just you wait and you will know all the stuff that can go in there! And congratulations again!
    @Seema - Dont ask! These days even his topi and coat get squeezed in!
    @RM - Hehe! you are always welcome! Just visit Blore and me and I will treat you to all the chocolates and biscuits you want...

  6. Its truly is a magic purse. For the last 2 years when ever we go out you could see me with diaper bag and you would find almost everything what Chucky would need,but hardly would use anyone them. But if I leave it at home even for a small 30mins trip, I would be in need for everything in that. Chuck's diaper leaks and she vomits and she asks for milk or biscuits or she falls sick etc so these days I always carry whether I need it or not.

  7. wow..
    ok.. now i thinks its going to be evrybody's turn to reveal what in their purse.. let me to post on this.. :)..