Monday, August 29, 2011

Puttu Krishna

For RM and LF who asked for the pictures...


  1. Aiyo..he is so so cute..and he agreed to wear all this....*Falls on Chutku's feet and hopes R learns something from him*

    Awesome babes and I give it to you..wondering if you had a daughter, what all you would do to her..if this is what you can manage on a son :)

    Muaah! and thanks..this made up for the rotten day at work

  2. Awww...absolutely adorable :)

  3. That's such an adorable Makhan Chor. I love his Juttu! How long did he stay laden with all those jewelleries re??? I wanna know! I miss him :-(

    I have been reading your posts from my workplace but somehow am unable to post a comment. The page does not load fully out there... Grrr!!!

  4. Oh my! How cute is that. Loved loved looking at all the pictures. They are precious.

  5. Finally the pictures are here. He is super cute as Krishna. Give him a tight hug and 100 kisses from my side please..

  6. how sweet.. chutku looks really cute.. kutti krishna only.. :)

  7. @All - We had kept him completely disctracted while I dressed him up and he stayed that way for about 1/2 hr - thats all. And he was dazed with all the people/lights and noise which greatly helped :-P

    RM- Yeah, I wished for a daughter too :) But i try my best with this little boy...

    CB-Will pass on the hugs :-) Thanks!

    Seema-Im sure he will recognise you if you come here :-) I miss the girls too.While I dressed up Chutku Iw as thinking of Mantam and how they were dressed the other day...

    Comfy-Thanks :-) Hope you are doing fine...

    LF - This one was for you and he is getting pampered with all the hugs and kisses!

    Ashreya - Thanks!

  8. Hey very cute snaps!! n great effort by you too.. :) All these will add to the cute memories.. I m sure Chutku will enjoy seeing it when he is grown up!! :P