Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amma Mane

What is it about the cliche'd Mother's house for every married woman? In all the 6years of marriage I hardly stayed over at Mom's house despite being in the same city - or because it was in the same city? Apart from the customary First Diwali I only used to go there to visit for a couple hours and then it used to be back home (to the in-laws) The first time after 4+ yrs of marriage I went to stay there a week before my delivery date even then because the hospital was closer. Then again the 3 months post delivery. And I never missed it much either. I knew I could always go when ever I had the urge to, could pick up the phone and talk to my parents whenever I wanted to...

Now that we've moved to our own home over the last 1 year its got increasingly difficult to even visit over the weekends. Sometimes they come over or we drop in on the way to somewhere else - very rarely, like most friends I know, do we go and stay overnight...

But, last night was different. Carpenters at home and the house smells strongly of paint/ kerosene/ laminate gum and a lot of fine wood dust. And within minutes of entering home in the evening my throat began to itch. And hubby was worried about Chutku too... So, on the spur of the moment, called Mom, told her (never ask - thats another thing) we will be spending the night there, packed stuff for today and left in 1/2 hour...

And the moment we entered home I  felt light - yes light! like I didnt have to worry about anything now. I was safe. With all good intentions I told mom that I will heat the milk for the night feed/feed him dinner/ wash the dabbas for today - do everything so she doesnt have to really do much and then just sat down on the cane jhula talking to Dad until 9pm. By then chutku's dinner was ready and fed/our dinner was set on the table/his bottle boiled and milk heated/ bed ready to sleep in.... And I was still procastinating. Come morning the Dabbas were washed and food ready to be packed. Only that she did not know what goes into what box - so she had left it as is...

Now what is it that the sight of Mom and the house makes me put my feet up like before. At home I know I would be running around getting things done and I could've very well done the same there too, but I didnt... I became that girl again who could put her feet up and laze around,watch TV and expect dinner to be served, who could just let things lie around everywhere and expect to find them at their right place the next day - Is this what the other women talk about - Amma Mane?

And Im looking forward to the same laziness tonight too :-D


  1. I am so happy for you RS, I do the same when I am at my mom's home,the most relaxing place in the earth is mom's home :) Enjoy your time off from routine task and trust me mom's would love to do that little things that makes her daughter happy and relaxed..

  2. Hi RS,

    Garima here (i dont have a blog of my own,just read blogs and coments on RM's blog)

    I stay with my mil and each morning I actually run around to get the chores done
    (not dat she doesnt help its just that i am not comfortable asking her) before i leave for office.

    She has gone to her hometown for a month and my mum dad came here for a week.
    Believe me the mornings were so relaxed with no hurry burry.
    Mom was so supprotive she took over the kitchen and gave me ample time to do the rest (watering plants,speaking to dad etc).

    And so I say,
    O'my 'dear' Whem mum is 'here' you have nothing to 'fear' :-)


  3. Appa-Ammana mane (appending appa to the title) is all this and much more to me... Being sooo far away from them makes every min I spend in the home much more valuable... As you say, I feel light and sleep the best.. There is a sense of security which kicks in... I have the same feeling when they visit me too.. This home becomes appa-ammana mane... Its just the magic of their presence....
    Have fun!!

  4. I'm absolutely J, putting up feet and relaxing??!!! Enjoy the previlege girl. Hugs to you.

  5. LF: Yes, she only says - you go sleep/eat and everything else gets magically done!

    Garima: Hi! Welcome here! And I LOVE that sentence - O'my 'dear' Whem mum is 'here' you have nothing to 'fear' - Hehe, very true. And on your comment - wait for another post from me soon! :-D

    Sneha - I understand the distance factor... take care! You know, Im looking forward to more such fun :-)
    Seema - it was just overnight rey! Am back home tonight :-(

  6. Its true even for guys btw - whenever I go home (yes, Home = Mumbai for me, even today), I can sleep like a log even in the midst of the chaos outside the home. Its heaven!!!

    Well written RS!!!