Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jumbalika Tales

Heard that song from Takshak - Jumbalika Jumbalika... well that's the latest music running on my mobile right now. Why? Because Chutku wants it - thats why... One evening on the way back home in the bus he got very cranky and to distract him I began to shake his hands and sing this song because these were the words that first struck as some junk words... And then I made him listen to the song on Hubby's mobile (dont ask me how he had this song!). We got stuck... Now as the little mind fancies we need to play this song- he moves his hands rapidly and says 'Jummmaaaaaaaa' and I HAVE to play it no matter where we are...

He's getting a huge grasp on picking up words now. We've been teaching him all our names and he very cutely slaughters it! Ask him what is Amma's name: Thampi :-O Whaaa? Only the besotted grandparents are able to find some similarity here! Ask: What does Amma call you: Chuttttuuuuu, What does Appa call you: Gunnnnnnnnnaaaa (Guess what this is?) His Appa's name is atleast pronounced a little better and the best of all is the way he calls his Ammamma...

And he know how to express what he wants - emphatically. The other evening after I fed him dinner I was running around getting all jobs completed while he was so sleepy he was just sitting down on themattress spread on the floor half watching the rhymes cartoon I had put. Generally I just sit down with him,play with him until he goes to sleep and then get all the work done so he kept calling me Amma Baa, Amma Baa (come). I kept saying I will come.For about a couple of mins he waited and then he called me "Thampiiiiiii", I went to him and said "Aye, why are you calling me Thampi".He gives me this sheepish smile and says "Thampiiii,Tham,thith" (Come,sit) and patted the mattress next to him. Just to see what he would do I went and sat where he pointed. And the next second he says "Thanthooo" and sleeps on my lap. I was so overwhelmed and happy that he is learning the right words and he wanted me to be there while he slept :-D

Numbers,rhymes and alphabets is so much fun!

Chubby cheeks, dimple chin...Amma's pet....yech, yech,yech.... :-D - see its so easy to get to the last...
Oot koch bunch,Ooh koch bunch, thethlathaehelaheneheoalala, Oot koch bunch - end of story!

thon,thoo,thee,thou,thai,thich,thenen,..,nine, bigthathen....

At the end of it depending on my mood Im either ROTFL or tearing my hair out of frustration trying to correct him :-P

He lines up all his chotu cars and calls me to show - Amma,thoo,theee caaaa......ddrrrrrrroooooommmmmmmm....

Leaving you with the before and after pics of the haircut...

My own Shankarachari

Right after hair cut

See the 2 juttus? - Before the hair cut

Ready to go biking already!

Busy reading Appa's Perry Mason


  1. Super cute this post is! A biiiiiig kala tikka. :)

  2. OMG! he is so so cute...I didnt even read anything after seeing those pics..will go back to the reading afterwards

    Muah to him..and kala tikka okie

  3. Hi Thampii, Glad to meet you...He he he
    He is such a cutie pie.. and calling you so that he can sleep on your lap, a big awwww. Hugs darling

  4. oh! I loved this post and can see the similarity between the way R and chutku are growing up. Almost everything you have written about chutku applies to R. and He says senen for seven, daanchu paatu for songs on the computer or mobile..:-D
    very cute pics..

  5. Few more to add-
    When you ask him something he keeps saying "Aaaah" "Aaaah" meaning "Sorry repeat it, I did not get u" and when we repeat it again he says "Aaaaah" that is cho sweet!!! I also love the way he grabs everyones attention when he enters the cafetaria too!! But looks like he loves the woth "Th" and puts it everywhere he he :) why dont u record the rhymes n counting numbers and keep it safe to show him when he is a Big Boy!! think abt it..

  6. Hehehe......grandparents really are the tops :-) Cute little guy you have there (even if he's a little blurry).

  7. Loved reading the post & seeing this smart chap in his new hairstyle! Cant believe he will be 2 in 3 months time.... Saw all the pics u uploaded in picasa too! In the juttu pic, he is such a cutie pie!! :)

  8. so sweet.. smart boy i say.. :).. hey Rs, even my daughter gets excited when i say numbers to her.. she starts smiling uncontrollably when i say three. :)

  9. Aww Such cute pictures RS, big hug to Chutku. He is a sweet pie, I feel like eating him up :)