Monday, September 12, 2011

SPB Concert, Family and Thothla Ram's latest...

Time's literally flying... Sometimes I am still recollecting the New Year party we hosted at the beginning of the year and we are almost 3/4th of the year completed now... sigh...

And can anyone tell me where the weekend flies? It was still saturday morning when I was getting things done around the house with Chutku tagging along and the next thing I know is Hubby's home early from work and begins making lofty plans of inviting people for dinner and going for a late night movie - He was so excited to see that he had the next 1.5 days free for himself :-)

And then I remembered that there was a SP Balasubrahmaniam's concert very close the Mom's house which I wanted to go,so for the 7pm show we decided to go at 5 and then stay back at Mom's house for the Satyanarayana Pooja on sunday. In a matter of 1hr I packed for all 3 of us/put clothes for washing/put them for drying/cleaned up the kitchen and off we were by 6.15... Dropped the little fellow at Mom's and then went to see the SPB show by 7.30 by which time the show had started. Was quite impressed by the arrangements and the stage, ate junk (including Cotton Candy with my niece :-) ) at the Karnataka food festival counter by Adigas, listened to some lovely Kannada songs by SPB (Actually he seemed to have lost some weight) and was amazed at the quality of his voice even at this age. The fun part - It began to rain and we walked back to the car in the rain along with Hubby's cousin's family and decided to eat Masala Puri on the road side - so standing in the rain - we had yummy masala puri's,bhel puri and Pani Puri. Felt young after a really long time on saturday night!

Sunday was a family day with all cousins gathered at mom's and full masti was had. The centre of attraction was ofcourse Chutku who kept everyone amused and entertained through the day. He took an instant liking to my Maama and was stuck to him like glue - making him run around on jelly and sand, including making him play Ninda,Ninda, Nochech (guess what this is?) - the 60 year old man was acting as much like Chutku himself and I guess my Atthe would've had to maalish his legs yesterday night! Chutku had full masti and was preening with all the attention he was getting. Eating and food went for a total toss...

The little fellow is picking up words faster than I can imagine and Im now a happy mom - there have been days when I used to worry about his vocabulary but these days... He has taken to saying 'No' for everything. Infact its a fame with him - Chutku Apple - "No Amma", Banana - "No Amma", Appacchi - "No Amma" - it goes on and on...And he took it a level higher yest evening - was trying to wear my cousin's pretty sandals and walk around and while Hubby said "No Chutku, keep it back" - he turned, looked up at his Dad, pointed his finger and said "No, Appa", picked up both the sandals and ran into the last room and began wearing it there!!! Everyone of us there just stood there with dropped jaws...

Every word he says has to have a 'Tha' - Thanatha (Kannadaka - Specs), thoyye (SoLLe - Mosquito), Thaach (watch), Thappi (Chappali - sandals) I cant recollect the rest now; and its FUN listening to him say the rhymes - Those words he doesnt know in a rhyme will be replaced with 'Nannanaa,thahththta...'!!!

Lesson learnt for this weekend (Borrowed from RM) - Make time to do your own thing and balance it with family too - ensures a good,happy weekend (though maybe not relaxed!)


  1. Awwww...what a super weekend..its so advantageous to have family nearby na..idhar home alone cant even think of leaving R and going for any concert...what fun...I do like SPB..pretty decent singer na

  2. What?? SPB has lost weight.. Ha thats a news.. And cotton candy, Masala puri, pani puri, Yumm, I am drooling here already!
    That must be cute na, pointing his fingers and saying, "No Appa!" Hugs little Chutku (Love the name Chutku BTW, its fun saying it)

  3. Super fun weekend ha... Chutku is growing up super fast.. Wait for the terrible 2's :-) Better share some pics and videos (yes we want to enjoy the Tha phase) sooooooooooooon!!

  4. awesome weekend, that sounds like!

  5. Hey RS,

    SPB is one of my fav singers, great that you got to attend his concert *green with envy*

    LOL at Chutku's pointing fingers, he sure is growing up rapidly. This 'No' word is a jinx to all parents. You can't NOT use it but try to use it economically, the more generous you are with the word, the more you will get it back!

    Hey I know which song is 'Ninda,Ninda, Nochech'.
    Ringa ringa roses na? Missing all his speech.

    Lottsa kisses to my machoman!

  6. That sounds like a perfect weekend. And eating in the rain, now I want to do that too :|

    Chutku is too cute :)

  7. Waw you had a super fun weekend my dear, having parents and in laws close by is such an advantage, I have to take Chucky where ever we go. I am glad you made time for the concert, as moms we always keep our self in last seat. See I told you few months ago that Chutku will speak and you are taking tension for no reason, now I am so glad to hear everything is going good(touch wood) Hugs to you and Chutku !!I too had a tiring weekend..just posted it. RM is making all of us post our weekend rt?