Friday, October 7, 2011

The Birthday weekend and the Nava raatri

Havent actually been the greatest :-( Yeah, sad but true... With all the carpentery work going on at home and our availability - rather Hubby's availability limited to a few hours even over the weekends, times have been hectic.

We finally got the wardrobes done for our home over the past 2 weeks, real big thanks to Sangi who gave me the contact for the carpenter. (See, what a great advantage blogging is? been telling this to the hubby for over 2 weeks now :-P ) He seems to have done a decent job, only time will tell about the quality now though... Since we were away the whole week - we hardly got a chance to see what and how they got the whole thing completed and the final assembly HAD to happen last saturday, 1st - my Birthday. So the whole day went with 10 men coming and going around the house and we also decided to get bathroom fittings for a room that we had left initially - finally!! And THAT was the highlight of my birthday - the much needed completion of really necessary stuff...

To give due credit to the hubby he offered to take me out for dinner, spoke to my parents to take care of the little fellow while we went out but I was so exhausted by 7.30pm that I wasnt upto getting ready, packing stuff for the little fellow and going out at 8 in the night. (yeah, sometimes I wonder how old I've gotten that 8 seems late to me!!) so a quiet Pizza dinner was had after putting the little fellow to sleep. Peaceful...

And then the festivities - with all the carpentry work, the little fellow has fallen ill with bad congestion and throat infection,inflamed tonsils and all. And the icing on the cake? Hubby's most awaited project release is happening this week until 10th - monday. *sigh* I think This is what is called *Chappar Phad Ke*? and he had to go to work even yesterday - Vijayadashami. So away, the little fellow and me were packed off to Mom's house, which was a blessing *ofcourse!* while cousins and aunts visited, Chuktu despite his high fever opted to run around and entertain everyone... Yummy pulao and gulab jamoons (dont ask how many-including hubby's share!) were had taking advatange of the fact that Chutku prefered his Ammamma and Thaatha to put him to sleep,rock him,feed him - basically everything. Now this is what I would call a better Bday celebration :-) (Yes, it was my star Bday yest)

So, what do I look forward to this year? - Definitely better health all around for all of us. Better work/life balance for both hubby and me (Awaiting some good news on the work front which will hopefully ease some stress) and the BESTEST - My parents shifting with me. Yippeeeee!Thats what all these couple of weeks have been about - preparing the house for my parents shifting with us for the next 1-1.5yrs  while their house gets a complete demolition/re-building :-) 

There, now I go off to another hectic weekend, shifting, rearranging and adjusting - this time with my parents' stuff... Happy Weekend everyone - Keep the high spirits up! The festivities have begun!!!


  1. That is awesome news. Your parents moving in with you! :) :)

    And Happy Happy birthday, RS! Have a wonderful healthy and happy year ahead!

  2. Belated Birthday Wishes RS :) :)
    Hope chutku is doing better now.

    "BESTEST - My parents shifting with me" --- Bestestest , yay! :)

  3. Belated birthday wishes to you!
    Hope you have a great year ahead with all your wishes coming true :)
    How is Chutku now.. My hugs to him...

  4. Happy birthday! Wish you all a happy, healthy year ahead. Am sure with parents around, it can't be anything less.

    With all this credit, my stake in his work being good just got super high! :-D

  5. How is Chutku doing now? That's really a great news that your parents are moving in with you guys!