Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fun - Chutku at 22 months

The little fellow has become more than 2 hands full! Looks like Im the only one who can handle him right now. Mom,Dad,MIL, hubby all of them think twice before accepting to handle him even for a couple of hours incase I need to go out. Here's how it goes if I say I need to go to out for a couple hours (even to the parlor for a 10mins eyebrows job!)

Dad "Im not going to commit to taking care of him-I cant run behind him".
Mom "If Dad is also at home then I think I can take care of him for half day, but he wont eat with me..."
MIL "I can take him to the park for 1/2 hr -  get all your work done by then, at home he wont stay with me!!"
Hubby "(Resignedly) OK, I will stay at home... (a couple mins later) Where are your parents going? They will be back before you go na? (A couple more mins later) Hmmm... I think I will call up my mom and ask if she can come...(some silence later) - do you *really* HAVE to go today only? Cant you go next weekend when your parents/my mom/my dad (or someone else) can be at home...

So such is the situation with the little monster right now...

He has become extremely expressive - LOUD and clear - yes, loud being the operative word. He wants what he wants only and at that moment only -totally stubborn - be it the horsie, the shoes (he sometimes even sleeps with shoes on and we need to remove it after he sleeps). Doesnt want to eat means No Amma-no appacchi, Doesnt want to sleep - No Amma, no cheep, Wants cartoon - A,B,C catoooonn. His Thatha should not remove his specs, appa should never sit next to amma... the list is endless!

If Ajji comes - he knows she will take him out in the pram - so as soon as she comes he will not even allow her to step inside and remove her shoes - Ajji,come,baa Ajji, paammm (pram) and creates a scene if she doesnt go immediately.

He is not feeling too well for over 3 weeks now :-( lot of phlegm and cough and he wakes up from sleep.The other night he was tossing and turning and hubby thought that maybe he was feeling hot - so he removed his socks - immediately the little fellow sits up in bed - sits crossed legged in front of his Appa and begins to cry - socksssuuuu, socuksssuuuu with closed eyes - hubby too is confused in sleepy state, looks at me not knowing what to do - I said - put his socks back on - as soon as he put it - the little fellow just fell back on the bed - in hubby's place and there was no place for hubby to sleep. So I tell him to come and sleep in Chutku's place (next to me,by the way) immediately the little fellow begins to push him from that place-"Naanuu (me) ,no Appa no cheep". At 2.30am in the morning does it happen in your homes too? - hear a child crying and 2 adults laughing.That is his level of possessiveness for me...

And all my worries about him talking have just vanished into thin air.Everytime we talk he picks up some new word and begins to use it. These days he is making small 3 word sentences too - Amma naana aithu (Bath), Amma come amma,chit (sit), puttu paapa cheep (puttu paapa - himself)!! He wants me most of the times next to him while he sleeps.

At the day care, they say Aa paNNu while they feed the kids - so in the bus, he eats half a biscuit and  then says "Amma, aa paNNuuuu" and shoves the left over piece in my mouth while Im trying to control my laughter!

I've already written about his Theetha aunty here. Now, this theetha aunty has told him that if he sits down between seats there will be mosquitoes which will bite him - so even in the car now, if he sits down even to pick up something he says "Thoyye,theetha aunthy - thoyyee" :-P (thoyye = soLLe=mosquito in Kannada)

Some stolen moments:

Some mornings (very rarely) if he doent wake up by 6.30 - its my job to wake him up - and I just LOVE doing it with kisses. I keep giving him kisses until he wakes up.He opens his eyes, smiles at me, stretches himself and then raises his hands saying "huggiieeee" and I just melt into those arms :-) for as long as those arms are around my neck - I forget all about the morning hurry...

Sudden bursts of love has my face smothered with tiny fingers pinching my cheeks and unlimited kisses,pulling of hair and sometimes even biting!

Since my parents are here,we have shifted to the upstairs room and while the little fellow is all confident climbing the stairs, getting down scares him - so if he wants to get down he calls me "Amma, baa, Amma,come" (with actions) and he will get down 2 stairs holding my fingers and then he just stands there and says "Amma, yetha, peech yettha" (yetta - carry) and I realise that my toddler is still my baby which I can savour for a few more days/months until he begins to push me out to learn everything on his own!

Couple more months until he turns 2 - sigh! My baby is growing up so damn fast! :-(

And oh yeah,can anybody confirm  - Do the terrible two tantrums begin from 22nd month itself...


  1. I love this Chutku fellow.. So cute! :D

    LOUD and clear - Tell me about it, RS! :( Keer is more like Chutku, I think. She wants to wear her shoes even at home. That is okay. She wants Kau also to do that. If he refuses, she would bring the roof down. The day is not far off when our neighbours are just going to shove us away from the apartment 'cos of the noise we make!

    I am a perennial worrier about my children's talking too. Now, Kau is repeating every word we utter while Keer is a bit slow but is surely catching up. And they are going to turn 2 and a half. I know children do things at their own speed but that doesn't keep me away from worrying about it!

    And I love the last but one para. These moments are to be treasured! :D

  2. absolutely sweet post :D
    Loved knowing so much about Chutku...loads of love to the little prince and his mum.

  3. Ek dum kala tikka post yaar...of course the terrible twos being at 18 months and end...well ask my mom..she will say..not yet ended even at 30 years...

    Muah to him

  4. aww he is total Mumma's boy, can't do without her :D The kisses and the hugs are the best part :)

    Terriblt twos start anytime between the age of 1 ans 2 years. You are lucky if they started at 22 months. They started at 15 months with us :|

  5. Aww... at the early morning 'huggiee' moment.

    I am loving his Thothla Ram speeches. He sure is growing up and learning to express his priorities firmly eh?

    Throwing tantrums is just another phase in every baby's life and will pass off. Just don't give much 'Bhaav', it's not easy but try to just ignore. In worst cases, I used to throw a tantrum back, and make them understand how it feels to be at the receiving end of the tantrum (I'm not saying this is way to deal with tantrums) But I have always made it a point to have a peaceful talk with them once we all settled down and convince that their behavior was not acceptable.

  6. 1. Ha ha I am sure you are exaggerating :) send Chutku to us, Chucky and I will babysit and play with him :)
    2. Chucky was so possessive abt me, now she is possessive abt her dad, pillow, toys, plate, spoon and the list goes on :)
    3. I told you once they start its a blast, keep them coming :)
    4. R and I have competition some days to wake Chucky, as you said morning snugly time makes your day all bright. Chucky can climb up and down, sometime she comes and ask her to lift and calls herself a baby, well she likes to be a baby than a big girl, we should make use of this time isn't it?

  7. As early as 18 months. Your little one held off 4 months more than some others! :-D

    Chutku's a cute little one.

  8. awww.. chutku is tooo cute.. I love him :) :)