Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun - Chutku's travel tales...

We travel home by the office bus in the evenings - Chutku and I. For about 4 months now this has been the routine. And he just loves it! Loves the goodies people give him to eat, the attention he gets from a bus load of people, he enjoys the journey on most days - as long as there is not much traffic and we get down in about an hour and 15mins time - yes, he begins to get really restless after that.Some of our travel tales here for posterity.

One evening, he was in full josh and suddenly hit my friend sitting next to us. I asked him to say "Sorry". The look he gave her: "Why the hell should I say sorry to you?!!" pouted and turned back to me. I kept insisting him to say sorry again. His reaction - trying to pacify me and change the subject - "Amma, bacchuu, aatttuuooo, lightu". I realised that by being persistent its not going to work so I left it at that for some time. About half hour later when our stop came, I told him, come lets get down and when he happily climbed on to me, I told him - "Im not going to get down from the bus if you dont say sorry". He understood that I meant business, looks at her - gives her a killing smile and tells her "Cholliii" and then looks back at me, says" Ummmm" pointing to the door. I could read his mind: "OK,lets get down now, I've done what you wanted anyway,I want to get out of this place before you hit my Ego again..."

I have to give credit here - But he loves that G aunty and misses her when she is not there "theetha aunty yelli?" and he walks the length of the bus, comes back and makes a face with his lower lip out indicating that he didnt find her in the bus anywhere :-D and if she IS in the bus, he just gives has a shy smile first and then begins all the drama... And this G aunty carries the forgotten umbrella, 1 shoe that has fallen off while getting down and even the sippy cup home (this girl isnt married and gets royally teased in her PG for carrying all these home) and promptly returns it back to me the next day with a promise that I get her an ice-cream - which Im yet to get!!

Now how does this kid know Ego so early on? Saying sorry is so difficult this early? I dread what's in store for me :-(

A day of really bad traffic and rains about a month back and I've been getting back to back calls from my manager and he doesnt like it one bit that Im not paying any attention at all. Thankfully a nice guy is sitting next to me in the 3 seater - just indulges him and starts talking to him, gives him his mobile and lifts him. Guess what happened next? - He threw the guy's mobile phone on the luggage compartment on top of the seat!! And the guy was shocked! I had warned him earlier not to give the phone but he didnt understand the impact of the statement then. He just plonked Chutku next to me, got up jerkily and thankully his mobile was not damaged. Now the little fellow thought it was all a game and wanted to do it all again! :-O Now whenever he sees me in the cafeteria that guy asks - "your mobile is fine?" to me :-)

All guys in the bus are Maama and all ladies are aunties - ofcourse, he looks at some girl and decides to call her Akka! Trust me - he already knows how to woo them girls... gives them an impish grin, call them akka, pout and give them a flying kiss - and Lo! There they all are- melting at his feet!!! No amount of warnings from me works at times and he peeps in-between the seats in the front - calls them and asks them to make him listen to music "aaaaaa" or for anything they might be eating too!! *I guess they are all wondering if I starve him :-( *

And Oh! The maamas all have their duties - some of them just give him a Hi-Fi, some a handshake, some make him listen to music,some show him the iPad and I remember one guy showing him some cat on the iPad where if you hit the screen the cat will fall, it will get tickled - something like that... And he was sooo smitten by it that day that he was unwilling to even get down from the bus and long after we went home also he kept asking " Meow yelli?"

This is the latest in the Embarass Mommy series: Happened on monday.  Loads of traffic and traffic jam and its past our time to get down. We are stuck at one signal where the engine is switched off,everyone in the bus is frustrated and closing their eyes and my son decides that THAT is the right time for a concert. He gets (rather wriggles) down on to the aisle between the seats, stands facing the back of the bus (I was sitting in the 2nd seat of the 50 seater) and starts loudly "Naayi mari naayi mari thindi beke..." I try to shush him with my finger on my lips and he says more loudly "Ammmmaaaaaa,shssshhhhhshhhhhhh, Naayi mari naayi mari...." Sigh! I wished ke bus ki bottom phak jaaye aur mein wahan se vanish ho jaaooo...

Some titbits:
We had another kid coming in the same bus and my what fun it used to be! Both of them want the same sippy, same biscuit, if one spits the soggy chocolate from the mouth the other one also has to do the same, sudden lavvuuuu - with hugs and kisses galore then the nextr instant pulling hair and hitting and tears and it would take both of us mommies to pry them apart! I miss those days...

The minute I tell him we will get down, he hands me my purse handle, looks down to ensure Im wearing my slippers, hangs on to me with his arms and legs around me, and starts waving his left hand calling "Auuttttooooo, auutttooooo" the way I do it...

And finally, he has a huge fetish for people's shoes - before the bus starts he walks up and down the aisle checking if everyone's wearing their shoes and God forbid, if someone has removed their shoes and put their feet up - he points at the shoes, looks up at them and says" Chhhoooossssssss, Chapppiii chhooosssssssssssssssshhhhh" and wont come away from there until the person has slipped the shoes back on. Initial days I would get embarassed and apologise but these days until the bus starts nobody dares remove their shoes, and those tht sit next to us or in that row - dont dare to remove it until we get down! :-D -problem solved!

Oh! Im loving these bus travels with the little fellow :-)


  1. cute he is!! :)
    "The minute I tell him we will get down, he hands me my purse handle ..." see how responsible the kid is :) :) :)
    If he comes with me in the bus, I would be happy to travel even 2 hours daily -one way and would still be fresh at the end of journey :)

  2. Aww, I am loving it too to read the bus tales. So funny especially the shouting, "Naayi mari naayi mari", didn't understand it though :(
    Keep updating us with Chutku bus tales..

  3. What a super duper lovely boy...Muah Chutku!!!! I so love this post of yours

    and on the sorry thingie...I have a whole post ready on R's non-sorry-ness!!!

  4. Summerscript: Heheh! You are verrry welcome. 1 day in the traffic jam and you will gladly hand him back over to me :-)

    Tharini: Naayi mari naayi mari thindi beke isa kannada poem that roughly translates to: puppy puppy do you want breakfast (or anything to eat)...

    RM: Oh! Ego is already an issue in the Chuktu land. I really dread his teenage already!

  5. His awesomeness Chutku! Super-duper fun ride that was, RS! :)

    And I am a victim of this non-sorry-ness too. While Kau would jump up to say a sorry even when not required, Keer would refuse to do it at any cost! ANY COST!:(

  6. super duper chutku tales!! I guess u need to relaease one for each month/fortnight!!! I am J of that Theetha Aunty though.. :'( But on a serious note I liked the way u made him realise that he owes a sorry, lil amount of discipline is must!!! I am dying to hear his "Nai Mari Nai mari" soon!! Pass on my kisses till then

  7. hehehe.. I wanna be there when he grows up and reads this post :-)

  8. You think the not saying sorry thing is bad? Wait till he figures out saying 'Sorry' is the easy way to get out of any trouble. Then the sorrys will come (without meaning them of course) all the time. Sigh! kids.

    The bus tales are super fun. Loved reading them :)

  9. Yeah bus rides are so much fun. Initially I too used to get embarrassed but slowly I used to relax by outsourcing them. Lol. He sings "Nayi mari nayi mari"?? How sweet! He has started talking a lot eh?

    My kids would also go to people and get goodies to eat as though I straved them too. Later, I began buying stuff and make the kids distribute it among uncles and aunties.

    Keep the stories coming!

  10. Chutku is super cute, he is having so much fun..Big hugs to him..