Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Work related updates

First of all, I need to let all of you know that I am regularly reading all the posts BUT somehow this browser doesnt allow me to comment. And most days Im just too tired to go back home and log-in again-just to put in the comment.So, dont throw me out of your radar!

And this change is mostly because I have now moved (yay!).Moved departments. For 8 (nearly) years I was a proper 'Techie' mainly working in technology specific projects with client defined timelines and client facing roles. I know I was good - All my peers/seniors who have worked with me or my juniors to whom I  might (Im not too good at that :( ) have helped have told me. 

Like any other working person I did crib about my job or the odd pressure but while I cribbed - I enjoyed the cribbing - you know what I mean? I used to enjoy the importance of doing the job and being indispensible - it did wonders to my Ego too! But after Chutku and a lot of such cribbing later I realised that there was no longer that happiness associated with going to work. It felt like I was doing the same thing,  I was doing for the past 7+ years and somewhere down the line I began to loose interest. Also, once I began to take on other responsibilities apart from just the techie stuff - I began to learn that there was so much more to the work! And I began to like doing that more than the techie stuff.

And then when I moved to this organisation, and after a lot of delibaration and discussion AND putting all my frustration out here on the blog, I have now moved! Moved out of the role I was so used to doing. Moved to what they call 'Enabling Functions'. How does it feel - Kind of "Fish out of water"  at the moment. A new place, new desk, new people.Moved to non-client,non-technology role. Where I know there is a lot to learn though that kind of pressure might not exist. Im also still kind of feeling odd-because I dont need to meet the external clients, dont need to stay back to take calls, I can schedule my day as I want BUT there is also a sense of loss - that Im going to loose that 'Techie" tag and the opportunity to meet clients is like nill.

Lets see where this goes. So, far its been a couple weeks and Im enjoying meeting new people and sitting in various meetings and sessions, getting to know the processes for the organisation better - a bigger picture infact. Best of all - Im leaving on time everyday with no stress! Leaving you with such a picture: A friend and fellow blogger took a picture of Chutku and I walking back to the bus one evening :-)


  1. Yay congrats! When I stopped being a journo, I missed being able to tell people that, missed the prestige that comes with that job. But the lack of stress is so worth it.

  2. Good luck with your new role, RS. Lesser the stress, greater the happiness! :D :D

  3. Me First! yayayayya!

    Congrats babes...what super news!

    THAT IS YOU!! babes...you are so thin *Gives jealous look* that too with 1.5 years of child birth..gah! you girls..all bent upon making me feel FAT!

    anyways congrats on the new role..you will get used to it...have fun, learn a lot and being a 'techie' is not everything in life ;)

  4. As they say 'change is the spice of life'.
    Hope this change brings you all the happiness and satisfaction in life..All the best!!!

  5. Congratulations on your new role RS !! Hope you enjoy this work and have fun! Good Luck! :)

  6. I am sure once you get used to the new role you will love it. And you get to go home on time and not worry about work would be the added bonus. Congratulations and all the best. :)

    PS: Love the picture.

  7. Hey good for u! this is the change we were discussing the other day over the fone, right?
    Oh! BTW! had the ISO Audit today and we kicked ISO butt big time. Cant express my relief. Literally floated on the 9th cloud back home. hehehe.
    Anyways enjoy ur new role.

  8. This is a great decision dear, I have always thought of quitting my job when I just can't handle this pressure and stress, I have never thought I could move to a non techy role, your post is inspiring me, once we move back to India if at all I work I want to take a non project related role. But as you said being in this role is it easy to get adjusted to the new role. I will watch this space what you have to say few months down the line. I am sure you took the wisest decision. And that picture is so cute, finally I get to see from top to bottom :)

  9. All - Thanks a lot for all those wishes!

    RM - Yeah that IS me :-) And the best part of the photo is its hiding all those love handles :-D Why else do you think I put that there :-P

    LF: Ofcourse- I will put up an update after a couple of months - lets see how things go here...