Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another weekend post-before the new weekend!

Ah! I finally have a new laptop and the config to be able to blog from work and thats the most happiest thing for me.

So, let me complete the post on weekend and the most important first blogger meet I attended. All thanks to Seema who first called me on Saturday morning and asked if I would be free for a get-together at her house on sunday afternoon. At that time I had nothing better to do and I was soo excited to meet other bloggers and the twins I just jumped at the chance and agreed. Even rushed to hubby and told him that he would have to chaffeur me and Chutku to Seema's house - he asked "Where does she stay" and in all my excitement I hadnt bothered to ask her that! Duh! I just told him that she stays near the office and he just nodded his head and rushed to work...

Too many things came up between sat morning and sunday morning and so sunday morning we rushed to a wedding breakfast across the city to Rajajinagar. Had brkfast and came home to expect the agent with whom we had to discuss the retirement plan and education plan for chutku (Yeah, I know we are quite late with this :-( ) All through the conversation with that man Chutku decided to be cranky and wanted to be rocked on my lap-so from 11.30 to 1pm I've kept him on my lap and rocked him while I Was busy discussing stuff like "What if I die?"

With my MIL calling us to join them for lunch aong with a few more of hubby's cousins we rushed to my in-laws place at 2, had lunch there and then I called Seema to ask for directions to her house. And *then* came the surprise - They stay no where close to the office! And thinking that they did we had even agreed to drop Hubby's cousins to their home near the office.So off we went all the way to Seemas house. In all this I had wanted to buy some girly stuff to Man/Tam which never happend (Che! I lost a chance :-( ) on the way we just picked up some fruits for the girls and thankfully hubby had an idea of where their house is. So, we went close to their home,called Seema up and reached their house a full 1 hour later than scheduled at 5pm :-(

As our car reached their apartment I saw 2 ladies - 1 was Seema and the other was Garima I later realised and the 2 small heads-I began to show Chutku Mannu/Tammu. By the time we parked and went inside Chutku had asked a 100times Mannu/Tammu yelli :-D And I was more excited than him to mind his questions :-)

We were welcomed with small screams from Mannu/Tammu and introductions were made - I realise now-Nobody introduced me to SS and Garima actually - I just sat down and guessed who is who. In all this commotion, Mannu got her books and began to teach me animals and birds and Chutku was so busy that he didnt even notice Mannu sitting on my lap. Seema rushed to the kitchen to complete the cutlets which sadly didnt come out to her liking and though I was tempted to tell her to give it as it was - I thought that would be too much of forthrightness!! So, she started doing papads,gave biscuits, brownie (yummmmm) and she told the story of the oven and was regretting it wasnt as she expected. The brownie was so so yummm I cant imagine how much more nice it would've been if it was as per her expectation! And Chutku all the while who was playing with a car - began to take all the plates from the kitchen counter - filled with papads and biscuits! My God! My heart was in my mouth all the while he was doing some mischief. He was so busy that he didnt notice at onepoint in time both Mannu and Tammu had sat on hubby's lap each one teaching him somethiing - I wish Abbas has taken a pic of that :-D He was even busy playing with their thythal (cycle) and wearing their cool goggles and we all had some fun at him :-) We had some tea and during all this eating, no no call that stuffing our faces with the yummy stuff we forgot to talk! We just stood in the kitchen and spoke random stuff and soon Garima was dying to go home to her hubby "We only get the weekend na..." :-P As we got ready to leave - Chutku was the most reluctant to leave-he was having so much fun with mommy being in her own world and no one to say "dont do this,dont touch that" that we had to literally pry him from the cycle and get him into his Dad's arms. Mannu/Tammu showed their Bullu and they also got ready to leave. Oh! In all these eating-I forgot that Seema also packed some Dahi vada and brownie for us to take home. Like they say in Kannada "Undu hoda, kondu hoda" - "He ate and he also took". After Garima got down from the car near the bus stand Chutku kept asking 'Aunty yelli?' and he was so not convinced that SS was still in the car with us. SS and we had some more interestng conversation on wastage until we droppd her close to her home and only then did Chutku relaxed and slept in the car! Thank God for small mercies. We went home and ate the Brownie and Dahi Vada for dinner and thought what a lovely day for eating it had been :-D

Garima - What to tell? Man! she is so thin and she had the josh to travel so far-the only thing was she was already missing her hubby and wanted to rush back home :-D And she has been kind enough to invite us to her home next...

SS - Like everyone else-I am awed by her big beautiful eyes. I even told her to put a profile pic of her eyes on the blog. They are so expresive,soft and they speak!

Seema - I know how good a cook she is and what a nice person she is-that I didnt hesitate to just talk non-stop with her from the moment I entered her home until we left! Thanks a lot for this first ice-breaker Seema! Seing Mannu-Tammu was like they sa "Mann to thandak mil gayi" - Ah! The girls are cuter than before and so much fun, so much energy! Its lovely to just be with them and not have to be distracted with other conversations - sadly that didnt happen with the limited time we had :-( And Thanks to Abbas too! For making Hubby comfortable and God knows what the men spoke!

What I didnt like about the meet-Lack of time :-( Serious lack of time coz we hardly spoke much. Especially since we were late I didnt get much time to spend with anyone and we just rushed through the conversation and eating. So next time around,we should plan to spend the whole day together. What say SS,Garima and Seema?


  1. WHAT! just when the jealousy levels were coming down a bit *mind you tiny weeny bit* you come up with this fab post..Gah! you girls..bent upon me getting green everytime eh :)

    loved your take as well :)

    LOL! on the rocking the baby and talking about death hehehe :)

  2. Dont worry RS we will soon meet up again and as discussed at my place for the whole day,ok? Yay you got a new laptop :-) and that chutku na i'll gobble him up next time :-)

  3. Okay.. Now that's it! All four of you have posted about this blog meet. **Wards away the smoke gushing out of my ears**

  4. I will learn Kannada and then you see Chutku and I will be best friends forever !! :)

    Done Boss! :)

  5. 11.30 to 1 you kept Chutku on your lap? you are great mommy :) and what is this discussion around 'what if I die?' !!!! :P

    haha you should have asked for the cutlets should not hold back when food is concerned ;)

    have already said on Seema's and SS's gals had a good time :) glad !