Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Books on my Wishlist

After yesterday's post and reading SnS post on Reading, I thought maybe if I put my wish list here - I can both get reviews for these books as well as more books to add to my wish list. So, please suggest some more books or give me your feedback on the books as well.

Author - Jamila Gavin
3 Indian Godesses
3 Indian Princesses

The Good indian wife
The forbidden Daughter
Secret Daughter

Mein Kampf

Author - Indu Sudereshan
Shadow Princess
Twentieth Wife
Feast of Roses

My God is a woman

The food of love.
The Thirteenth Tale.

Chitra Diwakaruni Banerjee - Arranged Marriage.

These books are what I've read on other blogs or come highly recommended by friends. So , do add to this list for me...


  1. Yep..thanks for this..I know what to ask RD for our anniversary gift...rather as advanced anniversary gift :)

  2. Sadly, I haven't read any of these at all! :( Will bookmark this list, okay. Thanks a ton for this.

  3. The palace of illusions-An autobiography of Draupadi, The Jay Mahabharata-Devdutt Pattnayak
    :) All the best!!

  4. @ Bubblegum - Read Palace of Illusions and loved it. So the urge to read the other books from the same author. Thanks for the recco on the other book. Will definitely pick it up next time.

    SnS - Sadly I didnt get any of these last weekend :-( So I need to read them all too..

    RM - :-D yeah - What better gift than something you would love to have Eh? Have fun! When is the anniversary by the way - for all you know, you might jsut be gifted :-D

  5. Here are my suggestions :D *runs for life for handing over the laundry list ;)*

    in your list I've read 'The Secret Daughter' and I liked it. Also check 'Not without my daughter', 'The shadow of the wind', 'The angel's game' if you haven't read already...

  6. oh seems like I forgot to add the link after 'here are my suggestions :P sheesh

  7. The reluctant fundamentalist!! I just picked up yesterday and I will finish today! Damn this office!! :P

  8. Shadow Princess, Arranged Marriage, Bala Takes the Plunge, By the Water Cooler.. are few on my list... let me see.. :)

  9. Hamid presents a brilliant way of story-telling in this most amazing peice of work. He displays the unique contradictions that the in-betweennes of East and West- leave many millions with. A breath-taking fluency is captured within his story telling. I recommend this work to anyone who thrives to 'understand.