Monday, December 12, 2011

The Chaotic Weekend...

This was one hectic weekend where I had no control over what was happening though as an after thought it was a very productive and enjoyable one!

I've been having a bout of real bad cold and congestion over the past couple of weeks which shows no signs of going. So, I've been sleeping with 2 pillows propped up to make breathing a little easy. And to top that one I had scheduled a long pending (since June!) FULL house cleaning spree because the husband promised to stay home and help me out. So, come saturday Im keeping a hanky to my nose, wheezing and running beind 3 men in different corners of the house and co-ordinating the cleaning - balcony,terrace,windows, rooms and attic whew! Thankfully, I had MIL,Dad and Hubby at home to take turns taking care of Chutku.

In all this drama I get calls on calls from my school friends who had decided that THAT saturday was the best muhurat for us to meet as one of them has come from US for a holiday. So they kept calling me since friday night asking me to join the for a long lunch which i refused. Then finally Hubby said "Go, meet them,I will handle the rest of the afternoon" It was literally a bout of fresh air! I immediately called them up, told them I cant join them for lunch but wil join them later, had bath and lunch and was planning to leave with a friend who was supposed to pick me up from the main road. Ah! But how could I forget the little guy-he clued in on my excitement (I think) and got cranky. Spilt rice on the floor which I cleaned up, didnt want Dad to put him to sleep-and was on my lap throwing a tantrum when my friend called to say that she is already almost at the pickup point! I patted with renewed vigor to put him to sleep, got ready and was out of the house in 10mins flat!

And boy! Was I glad! We 6 girls met at Wellington court on Brigade road (I hadnt been to MG/Bridage road in years) and made a hell of a lot of noise :-) Talked,dreamed,discussed life and in general had a great time.( psst-something exciting brewing and im keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out, so Im not going to jinx it by saying it out loud :-D) We were there until 6 and then I got to see the total lunar eclipse on the way back home.

Sunday- The kitchen cleaning-all drawers removed,cleaned,papered took about a couple of hours in the morning and left over windows cleaning and sump cleaning. Between hubby and me I think we managed pretty decently  though we kept passing Chutku to one another saying we'd rather handle all the other work than handle him!! Thankfully he prefered Dad more yesterday (yippeee!) By the time the workers left at 4, I was still in the kitchen cleaning the stove and the counter and keeping the vessels back in place. My in-laws and parents returned from their respective functions-all tired. So while Hubby went to drop the in-laws back home I put my feet up for a few minutes and rested the aching legs and back. Then my parents had another reception to attend (God! These parents na - they attend EVERY function they get invited to, I sometimes am in awe of them and sometimes get irritated because they are already so tired, yet they want to go-are all parents like this?) they were very tired from the morning outing, asked us to join them for the reception which I refused. Then hubby comes to the kitchen and says "Lets go na, they look so tired, somedays it suddenly hits me that our parents are not young anymore-look at both sets today, lets take your parents to that reception..." Yeah, yeaa I know, he is more sensitive and 'giving' than I am most days :-( So we get ready in a hurry, feed chutku and rush out of the house at 7.30. And surprise!! At the wedding (where we hardly knew a couple of people) while I was walking to get the plate for food a lady stops me and asks - Hey! Arent you RP? You studied in so-and-so school?" Im like-yeahhh...but Im sorry,Im not able to place you.She immediately says "Hey! Im V, I studied with you until 7th std" Then I recognised her, we spoke about where she is,where her sister is and what each one is doing, etc; And then she asks for a contact number-I've forgotten my mobile at home and just give her my e-mail ID and we part ways. I was so shocked to know that I havent changed much since school!! She told me so, I couldnt resist asking her how she recognised me.. Told mom also and she was also pleasantly surprised...Now I just hope she mails me and gets back in touch- another link to school...

Finally Chutku - Man! He embarassed us at the wedding BIG time. Went and stood in front of every person who was eating, stood watching them eat and kept asking "what is this"!! I kept asking him to say Namaste and then prying him from there!! :-O Dad and Mom were cool about it saying that all kids do that but every person in front of whom he stood was giving me weirs stares. I do feed him people :-( still this nautanki!!


  1. *Falls at feet and asks for blessings for the cleaning spree next weekend*

    And last para..of course kids do that...are you crazy? I do that even at 30..go and ask everyone what they are eating..isnt that why you attend a wedding..Chuktu time you and me will go together okie...yeh amma..let her take care of R *Sticks tongue out*

  2. Chutku sounds cute. How boring it would be if every kid just said Nameste and moved on. Benji is also like a puppy these days, wanting a bite of everyone's food. V gets offended when I say he reminds my of my dog back in india but I mean it in the best way possible.

  3. Oh chutku and his antics :-)I can so very well understand his 'what is this' question.
    Last weekend bloggers meet and this weekend school friends reunion,RS you are on roll dear.Keeping enjoying and have fun.

  4. OMG! That sounds like a major cleaning session!!

    And I do check everyone s plate just to make sure that I have not missed anything.

  5. Baap re... I am tired by just reading your cleaning extravaganza. And you then made it to the wedding also. *Hold me someone, before I faint and collapse*

    How cute of Chutku to look at everyone's plate. I'm sure he's gonna be a foodie. Mmmuah to him.

    J on meeting old frenz. I wanna do too

  6. wow a school reunion,awesome!

    yes all parents seem to be like this cause this side I've my MIL going to every function and weddings,also not to forget outstation ceremonies,uff!

    isn't that cool that you'vent changed since your school days? I beg to the almighty everyday to push me in the past-in terms of looking [read:weighing ;)]

  7. How do you guys have the energy to clean so much on weekends? If I even suggest that to Mint, he gives me the "Are you mad? Why would anybody waste their weekend cleaning? Let's go out and have fun" look.

  8. So much of cleaning... Uff, BTW did chutku help u clean too or just gave u instructions "Alli, Illi" ooooh he is such a darling..

    Ooooh these parents will never change, My parents also go to alll the fuinctions they are invited to without fail...Thank God my In-laws arent like that (Devil smile) :) School gals reunion sounds Fun!!!