Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chutku-On your Second Birthday...

Chutku - was what I named you - when you were still inside. Because at every checkup the doc said - 'Its a small baby' when I didnt even know if you would be a boy or girl. And you were just 2.29kgs when you were born. No, I can never forget what everyone said "God, he has no fat in his body, its such a tiny child". And then I vowed - nobody,just nobody is going to say anything negative about my Baby-EVER! Not when I can help it. Then began my struggle of getting you to optimum weight which still continues. But little did I realise that it was not just weight that I had to worry about. At every step there are comparisions - on our parenting or on you - your food,your sleep, your talk, your play, your eating habits - just about everything from everyone around us. Now, after 2 years, sweetheart - I care a lot less about what others have to say. What keeps me going is seeing what makes you happy and doing just that...

I know, my Love, you are a very bright child. A generally happy baby. And there - is another worry, worry that AM I a fit enough parent for you or not. If I can give you the exposure and atmosphere for you to bloom - to be your best. Whatever we're doing, is it enough? Are we giving you the best opportunities, are we feeding you the best food, are we giving you the best exposure? One thing for sure little one, there is no dearth for love from us-your parents. That I can promise you. No matter how much or how many times we stumble in this path of parenthood - the only thing that will keep us from completely falling and failing is 'You'. You are more than a responsibility, more than just our child. How can I explain that feeling? You are the centre of our lives now.

This birthday sweetheart, will bring in many more changes to your life. You will no longer be called a 'Baby' (No matter how much we want you to continue, to be a baby to us!) You are now a 'toddler'. Whatever that means,Im not sure, but yes, we see a lot of changes in you - you've learnt a lot, you no longer want us for everything all the time, there are times you want to be left alone to play, sometimes you want us as your playthings, you have your own ideas and wants that you are slowly learning to express...The challenge is not in you doing all this-the challenge is for us to keep up with you! Another year of growing up has happened - and how much! in the last one year, you learnt to walk, talk, imitate,tease,run around,turn the house upside down. And the fun has just begun!

This year in terms of preparing to go to school - to potty train, to eat your own food,to maybe wear your own clothes! My God! These thoughts make me wonder - What else am I needed for then?! And then, I see you running to me with all the joy of seeing me and I completely loose all thoughts! Such high expectations of love and undoubted trust from you.

On your birthday - along with praying for your good health and happiness, Im praying that we grow up too - as a parent - to mature, to have more patience, to be able to understand and be the bestest parent your Dad and I can be to you. Bear with us while we grow up with you!

Happy Happy 2nd Birthday Chutku. May you always be healthy, be happy,give joy to others...

Love you loads,
Your Thampi Amma.


  1. Awww.. That's such a sweet heart-felt letter! You'll be just fine, RS!

    And happy happy birthday to the little one. Wishing him happiness, happiness and more of it all through his life! :D

  2. My hugs and kisses and very best wishes to Chutku :-)

    The word I got was toddler :-)

  3. YAYAYAYA! happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Chutku, happy birthday to you can you please pass on that cake to your Mumbaiyya masi

  4. What a wonderful letter post RS.Yes that is all we can ask for and see them happy all the time..

  5. Happy Happy Birthday to my little darling chutku !! :) :) :)
    Wishing you lots of love , joy and happiness ! May all your dreams come true!!

  6. A very happy birthday to my darling chutku and welcome to terrific two's phase.

    And RS dare you say that ever again that you might not be a fit enough to secure his future,You are the best and am sure chutku is lucky to have you as his mum.

    And now its party time so where is my party and cake??
    Hugs chutku grow well this year,have loads of fun and learn more and become more naughty :-)

  7. Happy birthday to chutku.

    A very touching post RS.

  8. Wishing Chutku a very very happy birthday!!

  9. Ok here is my imagination of Chutku's reply to Thampi Amma-

    "Thampi Amma stop worrying/stressed abt all this.. You hv taken Very nice care of me when I was inside as well as outside....Just Dont worry wat others think/say.. Be my same Sweet Thampi who loves me cares me, kisses me and sometimes scold me when I do a mistake... No matter how many more Birthdays I have, I still am ur own sweet Chutku..." Love u mammma!!

    RS- Hope u liked it??

  10. Aunties - Thank You all sooo much for the Wishes. Muuuaahh (flying kicchee) to you all :-)

  11. Happy second birthday Chutku. Look how big you have become :) But but no matter what a beeeegggg boy you get to be, you will always be sweet, happy Chutku for all of us. Much love qwwetheart. May you always stay the sweet child you are.

  12. Happy Birthday to Chutku. I am sure all your worries abt potty, eating, dressing up etc will be gone next year when you write a similar letter. We moms take stress for no reason..Relax and enjoy..