Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Different Day yesterday-'Hatke' from Routine

Want to log this in for posterity.

The last weekend, Hubby had been to Mangalore with his school friends to attend a wedding. And he broke his right thumb at the beach! *rolls eyes* And so, over the past couple of days we have been visiting orthopedic doctors near the office to see if a hard plaster of paris bandage is required or just a removable split is sufficient. Well, we were told that it would cost a bomb! 40K nearly to get a small surgery for that finger which shocked us. So, we decided to taka a second opinion...

For that second opinion we had to go to what we call the south center of the city where most of the family stays. We started early from office, reached home by 5.30 (which we couldnt believe!) dropped Chuktu there with parents and rushed to the hospital - guess what - Hatke 1: we went on the 2 wheeler :-) Hatke 2: I drove the 2 wheeler with Hubby as pillion rider. Wow! I was driving after so many years that it was like I had wings!! :-D And I was feeling all nice that *I* could be of some help to the hubby. Ofcourse, all the time also grumbing that if only he had let me practice enough of the car driving we could've gone by car itself...

Thankfully, the doctor there said that the temporary split is sufficient and he can even drive as long as he doesnt strain the finger too much! Ah! Thank God for small Mercies... Anyway, since that consultation got over soon and we didnt have Chutku with us, we decided to freak out :-) Hubby's cousin and wife just returned from UK after 1.5 yrs yesterday and she is carrying too - so I had this urge to meet her... So, we called them and went to meet them at their place which was quite close by. So, Hatke 3: Yes, she is hubby's cousin's wife but then she's more my friend. All of this generation DILs and daughters of the family have our own yahoo group where we 'talk' regularly - so we are all more friends than SILs and co-sisters...
We stayed at their place for about 20mins and then started from there giving them a reason that we needed to rush home. As we walked out Hubby realised that his goggles were at another cousin's place who lived about 5mins away from where we were. So, Hatke 4: We went to the second house too... What's hatke?- After Chuktu, we are so tuned to just going to 1 destination that we had forgotten what it was to visit so many houses! This is the house of cousins with whom we had gone on the heritage trip.Needless to say that Im close to that co-sis also... So, they gave us some yummy Thalipeet to eat and then we decided enough is enough, it was already 8pm and we should hurry home now...

Aha! Hatke 5: We decided to visit another one of his uncles whose house falls on the way! In all, we visited all my FILs sister and brother's house except 1 and the reason being that we will be meeting at their place this time for the new year's! So, at 8.30 we parked in front of his Chikkappa's house, made them open the gate and door locks which they had just then closed (Who wil visit us on a weekday at 8.30?) ate yummy plum cake at their home and then by the time we reached home it was 9.30pm :-)

In-between, I called Dad and he asked if we didnt have to come to work today :-D we were roaming around like it was weekend!

Finally Hatke 6: Chutku asked about a 100times where we were, then himself said "Appa Abbu, Kallu mele tum" (Appa hurt, fell on stone) consoled himself and went to sleep peacefully next to Thatha without a whimper :-D Bestest Hatke!!!

At the end of the day - I was still so full of energy thanks to the break in the monotony, that I changed bedsheets at 10.30 in the night - just because...


  1. just because, Chutku fell asleep next to his imagination just ran wild..hahahah

    loved the Hatke post ;)

    So, how was the new bedsheet

    *Runs away before RS comes behind with bedspreads to haunt me hatke*

  2. @ RM - Areyy!! RM,your wild thoughts...Baap Re!!

    Anyways aisa kuch nahi tha okie!! Kya kya bolna padhtha hai samjhane ke liye!!

  3. Super nice are the 'hatke',a change from daily life.
    Hope ur hubby's wound is fine now?So wat plans for tomorrow chtuku's gonna turn 2,grown up boy :-)

  4. Awesome post!!!
    Just reading it made me smile...

  5. I was going to say something else, but R's Mom's comment put interesting ideas in my head. So yeah, adding to what she said? How was the hatke night? :P

  6. How is Hubby now???
    So how was the bestest hatke night????