Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year and all that Jazz...

'Ello! Wishing my few readers a very happy new year...

A quick recap the last year and what we did over the weekend and what I look forward to in the coming year...

I dont remember half that things that happened last year! It went by in a flash... A couple of things to note was the sad demise of Hubby's uncle - which made me reflect on where I will be at 70... a trip to ChikkamagaLur/Hebbur and another heritage trip later in the year with cousins... Personally the biggest change for me has been the career shift. Having said that on ther personal front - blogging opened up new friendships - so what if they are virtual (ofcourse increasing readership egging me on to post more often!) - an exposure to a lot of things that otherwise I would be unaware of. Making me more conscientous and more aware of what is happening around me.

Here's what we did over the weekend...

Impulsively took friday off to spend the day with brother and SIL.Despite the cyclone Thane creating really cold winds and drizzle through the day, we went shopping and lunching with them. Bro wanted to buy this multigym (has a cross trainer,cycle,step up and a circular base that rotates-meant to work out the sides)  which we thought we will take a look at too and then eventually he dropped out (some shipping issues) and we bought it! :-O Horror of horrors - suddenly, now the whole family - hubby,bro and SIL, parents and in-laws have all begun to notice the tummy that I kept cunningly hidden (or so i thought!) and insisted that I begin working out...We then had lunch at Rajdhani in Mantri Mall (Yummm food) and while I ran around trying to find a thin black belt for a top, bro was busy buying toys for the little fellow. Came home by 5 and hubby rushed to work (duh!),bro and SIL left to the airport and we just we ate and slept by 9...

Saturday morning was lazy and relaxed. I didnt want to keep any of hte weekly chores for the 1st (Im very crazy like that-1st day of the year and all) so finished all the cleaning,clothes cleaning by afternoon and happily read my book while hubby and Chutku slept. Evening I fed dinner to Chutku, dressed him up in smart new clothes and we started to Hubby's uncle's house for the new year family party. Last year was at our house and though it was a lot of fun it was also a lot of running around which I happily didnt have to do this year :-) On the way the little fellow puked ALL his food ALL over himself and half on the Dad and the car seat. So, right there in the middle of the road, we had to stop,clean put some old clothes on him (Duh! I didnt think of this, so just carried his regular office bag which has some old clothes a spare for the day care) and we were the last ones to reach the party. Hubby and I - though we did argue at that time decided not to get our mood spoilt and so just took the situation as it came. Once there, we had a blast! The usual games of Antakshari and dumb charades and then cutting the new year cake,yummy dinner and then finally playing Housie where eventually I won both the middle column and the full house!! :-D Yippee! To win something first thing in the new year! Got back home only by 2pm after dropping the in-laws home. Oh! And how can I forget - Chutku filled up his empty stomach by eating only and only potato chips!! Just let him be not wanting to create a scene there... but was still disappointed...

Sunday - Chutku woke up at 6.45, had milk and went back to sleep and spoilt mine.So, I got up too and with new year resolution and all - did 20mins on that new gym machine and then while the Rava Idly cooked-switched on the radio for lovely songs and read my book for 20mins (PEACE!) and waited for the father-son to get up. Took the in-laws out to lunch and another Mall roaming - this time Meenakshi Mall  came home and put Chutku to sleep for over an hour! He insisted that he wanted to sleep only on my lap and I sat there like that and read my novel :-D. By 9 I was completely out, had dinner and hit the bed - dont have a clue when the little fellow slept either! The last thing I know, he wasx asking his Dad - "Wath eech thich" pointing to the Dad's nose,eyes etc;

At work today and enjoying it - and thats the main thing I want to concentrate on this year - Learning the new things for the new shift in career, trying to find that work-life balance that seems so elusive, and trying to get a little more healthy in terms of stamina. Mom says being tired makes me more cranky - yes ME more cranky and apparently I need to beat that tired-ness by eating better,excercising and increaing my stamina levels to keep me going...So there - Not sure how much of the targets I can achieve - not that I even set a target - just trying to better myself over-all..but its still there - that dreaded word of Resolution!

Have a Blast 2012 - Ye'All...


  1. wow thats one of the best to celebrate with family and friends...what a great start of 2012 with you winning and all that *anti jinx*
    Are RS if you say you have a tummy it is still justified considering you are a mother.But I have no justification for my over increasing tummy which has started to resemble the Buddha's tummy :-(

  2. Congratulations on the win :)
    That multi-gym is awesome,have got it at my place at it actually works :)
    Happy 2012 to everyone at your end

  3. Hahahahah! Happy new year babes...if you think you are fat (looking at the pictures you posted on the blog) I wonder where I am!!!

    Loved your weekend...despite the puking by Chutku..but filled up again with chips is it..this guy must be R's long lost sibling :)

    Hugs and have a great year ahead..and oh to more blogposts okie?

  4. Happy Happy New Year!! May all your wishes come true RS!!
    How is chutku baby now?
    Tummy - I was talking to my cousing in US using web cam and the first thing they notice is my tummy!! :D
    Even my tummy is growing at a rapid rate.. I was thinking yesterday if reducing my tummy should be my resolution, and as soon as I reached office the first mail I saw was "sweets at my desk " from my friend. :D :D :D I love my tummy now :P

  5. Happy new year RS.. A lovely celebrations u had... Tummy... plz at-least do not mention that to me... people hv started noticing my tummy and give me a stare... I am like oh noooooooooooo not yet!!! It is just filled with junk and fat rite now...

    congrats on ur win!! hv a wonderful year ahead

  6. Happy New Year RS!! I am catching up with your posts after long time.. I wish you all the happiness in 2012 :)