Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Simple Everyday Things...

That can make you happy:

Making sure that I work-out every morning for atleast half hour and the machine at the end of it shows a burn of 250Calories...

The small bit of effort in 'dressing up' to work doesnt go un-noticed! Everyone commenting on how good I drape the saree or how good the new dress looks on me. A pair of lens in place of thick specs, a matching bindi, eye liner, changed ear rings (I wear the one pair regularly and its kind of grown into my skin these days) and an added bracelet...

At the daycare: Ensuring the little one always has a spare set of clothes including the wipe cloths and bibs, matching coat and topi with the shirt and pant - an hour's effort put over the weekend. And making sure he has different brkfast,different vegetable and a different snack everyday for dabba - all makes for a 'Good Mommy' tag! Ofcourse that makes me happy for the lack of sleep on sunday afternoon while I set his clothes for the week or the 15mins of less sleep time to pack everything...

Finally, some long forgotten messages from the hubby  :-D
07/03/2008 at 7:19am that says: "Theres a nip in the air.Better take your coat".
09/09/2008: "I lost to you eons ago" (obviously must have been some argument!)
23/12/2008: "Cool.Am near Swagruha Hotel.Still a long way to California" (I remember this-I had msgd him that I was listening to Hotel Califonia on the ipod)
26/03/2009: "I cancelled the sat practice.All the things I do for you grrr"
12/05/2009:"Listen to Radio city, am selected to go to SA, might be on air in 10mins" (This was his dream-got selected to watch the IPL 20-20 finals in SA because he answered all the questions right!)
08/06/2010: "Very hungry.Whats thr at home." (Typical him - always hungry for junk food)
06/12/2010: "Hurray! The Gods have opened their eyes.Ur bill is less than mine" (On my mobile bill)
22/12/2010: "Did you see me.Smart man too" (When I msgd him that I saw some smart guy in the office canteen)
03/06/2011: "Just realised tht without u im not even half the person i am.Am in a meeting now." (huh?)
15/09/2011: "Am getting into a call now.Will speak to you later. U r doing a great job. Just hang in thr" (when I was stressed in the previous project and was contemplating quitting).


  1. Wow!

    Commenting from the last - This dude is soooooo romantic Sigh! He reminds me of those mills and boons ka heros who talk such romantic stuff...I am so in love with the both of you :)

    and such lovely messages...I toh lost my phone so many times that RD stopped sending me messages..the only messages we send each other is - tu R ko pick up kar raha hai ya main karu...

    Errr...matching clothes for chutku set aside every girl dont meet my mother ever..she accuses me of dressing her grand daughter in rags!! and she tells the daycare teacher that 'yeh meri beti na...R ko kaise bana diya hai' sob sob

    Dressing up - wow... I need to see a picture...I land up in work everyday in such a state that one girl and one guy call me 'bhootni' and no I am not making this up!

    you work out every morning * Falls at feet and asks for blessings*

  2. lovely messages :)

    ditto on 'what's there to eat,I'm hungry' :P

    little things life offers us...thanks for these mercies :)


  3. hey RS.. you call those messages from your hubby as Simple? hmm...
    wow on working out in the morning.. **rolling my eyes** when can I do this?..

  4. Awww at those messages! Like Scribbs said, thank God for these little mercies!

  5. Bah! RM! You call all those msgs romantic? And these days the msgs are just like yours: "Put chutku to sleep if Im late". "You pick him up at the daycare and meet me behind my building!"

    And dressing up is going to end tomorrow - lot of effort rey! Am too lazy to continue. You will also find me coming to work like a "
    Jadoo waali"!

    @SnS/Scribby - Yeah, some of these msgs make me smile - reminds me oftimes when there were not many responsibilties and stress!

    @Ani - Working out has started only from Jan 1st. Got to see how long i will fight the laziness and continue to work out!

    @Bubblegum - Thank You! :-)

  6. Loved it :)
    and lovely messages :) :) and it is so sweet of you to keep them safe :)

    If my mother had to post the messages I sent her in the last 4 years , it will be
    "Very hungry.Whats thr at home." :P

  7. Well well I did notice the change.. New dress, matching Bindi.. Kool concept..

    U saved those messages... thats nice...

  8. Aww such romatntic couple,he send you messages and you preserve them wow :-)You any ways look good dear (you have to agree to this) without any make up..Post some of your and chutku's pics na

  9. Old messages do bring smiles :)

    I have saved first few email exchanges between BP and I ... and they never fail to bring out the smiles ....

  10. What lovely messages! I love peeping into the past. I spend hours going through Mint and my chat history. It all records the time when we were seeing each other. Now when I read the stuff we said, I can't stop laughing.

    Your smses made me smile, especially the first one in which he asks you to carry your coat. How sweet.